Marilyn McHallam

marilyn mchallam

Hello. My name is Marilyn McHallam.

I am currently a member of the Preservation Task Force and the Publications Committee.

My husband Rob and I are both retired from the Public Service. We have a small farm in the North Okanagan Valley of beautiful British Columbia Canada, where we raise Davenport Arabian horses We're also proud to own a small group of Combined Source "Sharp" mares as well as a stallion, mare, and a filly whose bloodlines trace to Soldateska through their sire and grandsire *Kem Safir.

I had purchased my first Arabian horse in 1974, but I later learned that photos of all the horses I especially liked in the Arabian magazines were actually Al Khamsa Arabians. Finally, our first Al Khamsa Arabian stallion came to live with us in 1981 and thus began our love affair with the horses descended from those bred by the Bedouin tribes of Desert Arabia.

Our goals are to preserve the asil Arabian horse for future generations and to encourage others to learn more about the versatile Al Khamsa Arabian through sharing of information and farm visits.

It is once again a privilege to serve on the Board of Directors.