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Al Khamsa Brochure

The Al Khamsa Brochure is a downloadable PDF which you may hand out to friends and family that briefly explains what the Al Khamsa Arabian is and our organization that seeks to preserve it.

Inside Al Khamsa

Inside Al Khamsa keeps you posted on what is happening in the organization. We let you know about upcoming events and deadlines. These are usually quite brief and time sensitive. It contains news for Al Khamsa supporters.

If you sign up for our free email list you get Inside Al Khamsa delivered directly to your inbox.   


A magazine devoted to the Bedouin Arabian Horse as recognized by Al Khamsa, Inc.

The Khamsat is a magazine that began back in 1984 as a way of keeping the Al Khamsa Community of Supporters in touch with each other, and to present educational material about Al Khamsa Horses to the general public on an international scale.

Over the years, it has been witness to many changes in the horse world in general and the world of the Al Khamsa Arabian Horse specifically. The Khamsat is published four times per year.

Subscriptions and advertising fees are extremely affordable.

Al Khamsa Arabians III

Al Khamsa Arabians III was published in 2008, with the database available in CD form, and it is certainly the most complete book in the series. The Table of Contents gives the reader an idea of what a wealth of information is available in its 400 pages.

Al Khamsa has produced research books about the Arabian Horse beginning in 1976, with the Al Khamsa Directory. The first book sponsored by the young organization, it attracted much attention, but also indicated the need for research into original material about the Arabian Horse.

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