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The Roster is an index of those Al Khamsa Arabians that have living descent in or are thought to be capable of producing Al Khamsa Arabian foals in North America. In other words, the Roster is a list of the Al Khamsa Arabians with lines believed to be available for preservation breeding in North America.

An Al Khamsa Arabian is any Arabian horse that traces in every line of its pedigree to Al Khamsa, Inc.'s Foundation Horses and is either in North America or has descendants in North America. In other words, any horse in North America, or with descent in North America, which Al Khamsa, Inc. believes to descend entirely from Arabian horses bred by the nomadic Bedouin horse-breeding tribes of the Arabian Peninsula is an Al Khamsa Arabian.

Not all Al Khamsa Arabians are listed in the Roster. However, any horse with a listed sire and dam or with all grandparents listed can reasonably be assumed to be Al Khamsa Arabian. Questions about the Al Khamsa Arabian status of any horse can be sent to

The Online Roster

The Online Roster, formatted for use by your computer's web browser, has four indexes. Horses are indexed alphabetically by name, by registry, by breeder and by birth year. The alphabetical index is subdivided by the beginning letter of the names. Registry, breeder and year indexes also include the number of horses in each category.

A mouse click on a horse's alphabetical index entry will take you to a page for that individual horse. The top portion of each page contains a horse's basic information: its name, year of birth, color, gender, registration number or reference, breeder, tail-male, tail-female, ancestral elements and, where applicable, its informational text. Below the basic information is a five-generation pedigree for this horse. The pedigree is followed by three generations of descendants, black text for the first generation, blue text for the second generation, and green text for the third generation. Additionally, the number of fourth generation descendants is indicated in square brackets after third generation descendants. Summarized descendant statistics, and, where applicable, linked footnotes for horses in the pedigree which have significant information effecting the pedigree are at the bottom of the page. Each horse in a pedigree or in a descendant tree is linked to its own page. For example, a click on a grandsire will take you to his page; a click on a descendant to its page.

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