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Disclaimer: A sincere effort has been made by Al Khamsa to ensure accuracy of information. We hope the reader will accept any faults as unintentional and realize that in no case did we wish harm by omission, commission or imperfect description. Al Khamsa assumes no responsibility or liability for errors, omissions or inaccuracies, or for any damages resulting from reliance on the contents of this publication. For the complete Disclaimer, see p2 of Al Khamsa Arabians III. Readers are invited to inform Al Khamsa about any errors or omissions so that errata notes may be added in future publications. Please send any questions or corrections to

These pedigrees are based on the historical information and interpretation given in Al Khamsa Arabians III, including successful Roster Proposals since the book was published, with horses through AHA #678209 and CAHR #48968. Al Khamsa does not accept any single source of information, including registries, as definitive. The Al Khamsa Board of Directors, in accordance with its charter, bylaws, and administrative procedures, reserves the right to make the final determination on whether or not any horse is considered to be an Al Khamsa Arabian, regardless of inclusion or exclusion in this electronic publication.

Al Khamsa's listing is not a stud book. Inclusion of a horse in this electronic publication is not necessarily an indication of the authenticity or purebred status of such a horse, nor is omission of a horse an indication that its status is of lesser authenticity or less purebred than horses which are included.

In no case will the Board of Directors, volunteers, or others involved in the creation or distribution of this electronic publication be liable for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions.

Terms of Use: The use of this online database affords the user the limited rights of personal use. Your use of this information indicates your understanding of and agreement to these terms. Al Khamsa and the Five Bedouin Riders Logo are registered trademarks of Al Khamsa, Inc.

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