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Board of Directors

Officers for 2020-2021:

President: Monica Respet

Vice President: PJ Altshuler

Secretary: Kim Davis

Treasurer: Mary Gills and Debbie Mackie

Buisness Office:  Patricia Lawrence 



Edouard Al-Dahdah

Kathy Busch

Jeanne Craver

Megan Detweiler King

Rosemary Doyle

Karin Floyd

Nichole Grodski

Jenny Krieg

Kate Rhodes

Pam Studebaker

2020-2021 Committee Chairs:

Awards & Honors: Janet Maurer

Convention: PJ Altshuler (Pam Studebaker)

External Relations: Rosemary Doyle

               Middle East Liason: Edouard Al-Dahdah

               AERC Liason: Edie Booth

Finance: Mary Gills (Debbie Mackie)

Nominations & Succession Planning: Rosemary Doyle

Preservation Task Force: Edouard Al-Dahdah and Kate Rhodes

Publications: Jeanne Craver  (Kathy Busch & Darlene Summers)

Roster Database: Sara Jones and Jeanne Craver

Social Media: Jenny Krieg  (Nichole Grodski)

Website: Jeannie Lieb  (Global Web Services, LLC)