PJ Altshuler is a native of Texas, living and working in Dallas until 2015. PJ moved permanently to her horse ranch in Valley View, Texas August 2015. The ranch along with her first two Al Khamsa, Arabian mares were originally purchased in 2010. The long time dream of owning Asil Arabians was brought to fruition for her and her spouse, Marwan Absuoud, with the purchase in 2010 of two Al Khamsa mares. Her spouse was a lifetime owner of Arabians and grew up in the Mideast with the Asil Arabian horses of the desert. PJ has been dedicated to the Al Khamsa ideology since she first became involved with horses. She now owns Arabian Meadows LLC in Valley View, Texas. The purity of the Asil bloodline is a main focus of their breeding program and its strict reproduction guidelines is paramount. The majority of her time is now spent on the upkeep of a herd of 25 horses and the breeding of Al Khamsa Arabians exclusively. Articles by or about PJ Altshuler/Arabian Meadows LLC include: Khamsat, February 2015, "Horses of Palestine"; Arabian Finish Line, March 2016, "Purity Lost in the Desert"; and Arabian Horse World, May 2017, cover story, "Arabian Meadows". PJ comes from a corporate background, serving as an Officer and Director of four health and life insurance companies. Republic American Life Insurance Company, Life of America Insurance Company, Republic Bankers Life Insurance Company and American Reserve Life Insurance Company. PJ was with the above companies for approximately 20 years where she held various positions as Corporate Secretary, Marketing Director and Human Resource Director. She has also served on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Rehabilitation Board. PJ Altshuler served as Secretary of the Al Khamsa, Inc. Board of Directors from 2015–18. Currently serving as Vice-President.