Karin Floyd BOD Photo

Karin’s journey with Arabians began when she started English horseback riding lessons at age seven in California. A few years into taking lessons, her mom entered a breeding lease with her instructor's mare to get Karin’s first Arabian gelding whom she subsequently learned hunter jumping with. He fostered for her a love for Arabians and also a passion (and perhaps determination) to one day breed and raise horses. This passion drove Karin to start breeding in her early twenties when she moved to Tucson, Arizona, and she happily settled on breeding Straight Egyptians because of their prestige and elegance. She went to her first Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 2013 and bought the book The Egyptian Alternative. This drove her breeding decisions ever since. She realized the crisis of genetic diversity within Egyptian Arabian bloodlines, and procured quality mares with outcross pedigrees to breed. This same realization about the scarcity of genetic diversity within Straight Egyptian Arabians also led her down the path to preserving scarce and endangered Al Khamsa Arabians in general outside of the Straight Egyptian group. Karin developed her breeding program Desert Heritage Arabians, and has been breeding and raising some of the rarest individuals within Al Khamsa Arabians. The focus of her breeding program is Code Red Preservation mares and stallions through their Ancestral Elements and tail male and female lines, as well as low Nazeer New Egyptian Straight Egyptians.

Karin has competed in a few endurance races, and is absolutely enthralled with the grace and stamina of the Al Khamsa Arabian. She considers it a privilege and an honor to preserve these truly magnificent creatures with such an incredible history. Concurrently to developing her breeding program, she started a natural hoof trimming business called TLC Hoof Trimming meanwhile going to the University of Arizona full time studying equine science. Karin graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors of Science Emphasis on Equine Science, and has been expanding her hoof trimming business as well as breeding program ever since. The following year in 2019, Karin was elected to the Board of Directors and continues to serve as a Director of the Al Khamsa, Inc.