Hi, I'm Darlene Summers.

I live in Maryland and discovered Davenport Arabians in 2002. I bought my first Davenport as a filly from the Cravers in 2002, acquired a second mare in 2005, and co-own a stallion with Edouard Al-Dahdah. My first Davenport filly was born in 2012.

My long-time career has been in the communications and publication arena, and I've served on the Al Khamsa Publications Committee for a number of years, helping Jeanne Craver with proofreading and copyediting Al Khamsa publications. I hope to continue learning from and working more closely with Board members, Al Khamsa members, friends and enthusiasts alike in further supporting the Al Khamsa enterprise and advancing its mission to preserve the Bedouin Arabian horse.