Hi, I'm Edie Booth.

I was born in an Indian Hospital on the Paiute Reservation in Nevada, moved all over the West onto other reservations as a child, where I also had my first horse experiences playing chase with a neighboring family as a 5 year old riding double. They had 11 kids and 13 horses, and the wild running through the trees and around the boulders in South Dakota never left my memory.

I graduated high school in Arizona, College BA and MA in Southern California from Cal State at Fullerton and was also married at 19 during that time to Linn, who passed away late in 2013. As a team we saw our infinite possibilities; we learned to sail and had many adventures at sea, sailing the Pacific and South Pacific for 14 months in between teaching. During my teaching time, I have progressed from first grade to 3rd to high school to teaching life skills at a drug rehab center to College writing and finally teaching in the Texas Prison system, before retiring last year.

We traveled in a van all over this country, all over Mexico and part of Central America, spent a year traveling Europe and North Africa including Egypt, and East Africa, the greater part of that also living in a van with our well traveled Siamese cat.

I view our sailing and travel adventures in much the way I view our adventures in endurance riding and preservation breeding. Our family started the sport of endurance in Texas in 1979, developed a ten year plan, which did not need us after only seven years... a smashing success. Both our sons are exceptional horsemen.

I wanted the best possible athletes for endurance and found them in the progeny of the mid 20th century imports from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Early on we met Miss Jane Llewellyn Ott, and then our good fortune crossed our path with that of Sam Roach and since then we have struggled to save the Kingdom horses, both saving individual lines unmixed with others and also the many combinations that are possible. There are none of them who have not proved superior in cardio pulmonary ability. They are the original Bedouin War Horse... and they know it. The only surprises we have with them is the inexplicable loss of an occasional foal... Or the broken leg on the rare young stallion with only two get. I never get over it.

There are plenty of challenges with these Blue Star, only Sa'ud desertbreds, and the full gamut of character represented by individuals in the herd, but once you are the bonded partner, the War Horse will not fail you.