The mare *Jamalah El Jedrani is the sole representative of two Foundation Horses: Walid El Saglawi (ARA) and Bedowia El Hamdani (ARA).

Jamalah-El-Jedrani2 (1)

Mrs. Marie Frances Richards lived in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, for thirteen years, associated with ARAMCO, and obtained a mare shortly after her arrival there that she bred to a stallion owned by a friend. She imported a daughter of this mating to the United States. The term RICHARDS is used as an Ancestral Element and applies to Mrs. Richards' original mare and the stallion to which she was bred.


← Dam: Bedowia El Hamdani (ARA) 1946 grey Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare of al-Hasa provice purchased by Marie Frances Richards in 1950 in Saudi Arabia.This information is from the Government identification document signed by Mrs. Richards. All information on this mare is from Mrs. Richards, who owned this mare in Saudi Arabia and imported her daughter *Jamalah El Jedrani to the USA from Arabia.
Walid-El-SeglawiSire: Walid El Seglawi (ARA) 1945 grey Saqlawi stallion bred by Hassan Mansur al-Sihati of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and purchased by Nick Lederle from the breeder. By a Saqlawi of the Bani Khalid out of a Saqlawiyah of the Bani Khalid. →

The identification of the brand on Bedowia's neck, identified by Mrs. Richards as a government brand, is clarified by Sam Roach, courtesy of Edie Booth. Mr. Roach identified the brand (a circle with a vertical line through it) as the brand of the King, HRH Sa'ud Ibn Abdul Aziz. The slash mark brands on both flanks were a treatment for colic, or more likely to keep the horse from rolling during colic.

The above information is from recent translation of a hujjah for Walid El Seglawi from his breeder. The information agrees with the documents in the Arabian Horse Association import file for *Jamalah El Jedrani.

~ Information is from Al Khamsa Arabians III


Sindalah 1977 gm Sindidan x *Jamalah El Jedrani

RC Tuema 1983 cm *Hadriyan x Sindalah

AAS NADER 1998 cs AAS El Hezzez x RC Tuema, gelded

DB Nadia 2004 cm AAS Nader x DB Malika

DB Hula Mayya 2005 cm AAS Nader x DB Malika

DB KALIF 2005 bg AAS Nader x DB Abayah

DB A BAYBERRY 2007 bs AAS Nader x DB Abayah

DB Bint Yuniya 2007 cm AAS Nader x DB Yuniya

DB Jamilah 2007 cm AAS Nader x DB Jamala

DB Nazia 2007 cm AAS Nader x DB Zaina

AAS SAIL 1999 cm DB Shahhat x RC Tuema, dead

AAS Jalala 2006 cm AAS Sail x RC Zairafa

AAS Yanabi 2009 cm AAS Sail x AAS Dahma Sawanah

AAS NADIR 2003 CS AAS Hadeed x RC Tuema, gelded

AAS MITRAG SAUD 2004 cs Ibn Taam-Rud x RC Tuema

Rubaiyatah 1985 gm Taam-Rud x Sindalah

Zaakiah 1986 gm *Hadriyan x Sindalah

SHEIKH RASWAAN 1987 gs Farakaa x Sindalah

KEHEY 1989 cs Desert Dhelall x Sindalah

Jamalah 1979 gm Sindidan x *Jamalah El Jedrani

Underlined: Tail-Male or -Female to the Foundation Horse
Italics: Over 20 years old, dead or gelded
Capital Letters: MALE
Bold: Located

Modern Descendants

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Owners of Descendants of *Jamalah El Jedrani

DB Nadia – Sandi Haege, Illinois 
DB Hula Mayya – Cindy Stafford, Illinois 
DB Kalif – Sara Yoch, Illinois 
DB A Bayberry – Shawn or Holly McCarthy, Arkansas 
DB Bint Yuniya – Carolyn Jean Davis or Sherry Nungesser, Illinois 
DB Jamilah – Jess Myers, New Mexico 
DB Nazia – Rodger Davis, Illinois 
AAS Jalala - Edie Booth, Texas 
AAS Yanabi - Edie Booth, Texas 
AAS Mitrag Saud – Sterling Spencer

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