Janet Maurer


Hi, I'm Janet Maurer.

I'm the representative from the Illinois affiliate I'm also currently the Secretary for the Illinois group. Although this will be my seventh year on the Board, I've had the distinction of being the only member who does not own a horse, Al Khamsa, Arabian, or otherwise. My horse career started late in life, a few years after graduation from college, at StarWest Stables in New Berlin. At that time, StarWest had a great many Arabian horses in residence.

There really was no time, nor need, to take on ownership of a horse as I was surrounded by so many beautiful ones, including my "guy," a gorgeous Davenport gentleman named Sir. In the years since then I have married and gone on to other things, but I've never lost my love of wonderful desert-bred Arabians.
Being involved with Al Khamsa has given me the gift of keeping in touch with these horses and the talented, caring people who breed them.