Jeanne Craver, of Illinois, purchased her first Al Khamsa Arabian horse in 1970, following graduation from the University of Illinois with a degree in Music Education. In the beginning, she owned and bred and rode her horses. She started a newsletter to help owners of what became Al Khamsa Arabians to keep in touch. In 1974, she married, and her husband was a long-time owner (since 1948) and breeder of Arabian horses. Together they founded Al Khamsa in 1975, and over the decades, bred nearly 600 Al Khamsa horses. Since 1975, they each served Al Khamsa in several capacities: officer, director, volunteer. They wrote the draft of what became the Articles and Charter that were approved in 1989. She has been involved in a major way with each of the organization’s major reference works: The Al Khamsa Directory (1975), Al Khamsa Arabians (1983), Al Khamsa Arabians II (1994), and Al Khamsa Arabians III (2008). Since 2004, she has edited and prepared the organization’s magazine, Khamsat, and helped with online presentations. She is currently on the board of two other national nonprofit equine organizations.