Jeannie Lieb


Welcome! I'm Jeannie Lieb. 

I've been a horse and specifically an Arabian lover from my earliest memories. I bought my first general list Arabian when I was 12 years old. And have had a few other general list Arabians along the way.

I began my journey with Al Khamsa horses when I purchased my first, a 100% Davenport filly, from Craver Farms in 2000.

I purchased my first Al Khamsa Arabian, Fin DeSiecle CF, as a yearling from Craver Farms in 2000. That same year also saw me develop a keen interest in both hoof mechanics and the equine diet in order to solve issues I was experiencing with my then daughter's Haflinger mare. I became an active member of Al Khamsa in  2012 with the rescue of the code-red in tail female *Nufoud mare Jadah BelloftheBall and helping to locate “lost” code-red Al Khamsa horses.  In 2013, along with Carrie Slayton, I accepted becoming a co-chair of the Preservation Task Force.  Carrie and I make a wonderful east-west team!

I have a keen interest in equine nutrition, holistic hoof care, and mindful training. I train and ride my mares and work with young kids and the elderly around my horses because Al Khamsa Arabians have that special "in your tent" disposition.