Hi, I'm Pam Studebaker.

I have a farm in Trotwood, Ohio, where my partner, Deb Switzer, my daughter, Jill Erisman, and I raise AK horses. I bought the Blue Catalogs in the 60's and the AHA stud books with my grocery money, one per week. I had read the Walter Farley books as a girl and was wild to have a black Arabian. I made hundreds of reference cards, one for every horse recorded as black in those early stud books.

I went to the Babson farm in 1968 but the horses were just out of my reach. I also corresponded with Ruby Perdue and Mrs. Ott. I bred a general list mare to an Al Khamsa stallion, El Hadiyi, in 1971. In 1976 I leased his Al Khamsa son, Going to the Sun, and also purchased an Al Khamsa mare, Serrafim. I attended my first Al Khamsa convention in 1980 in Birmingham, Ala., and have continued to be active in Al Khamsa since that time. In 1989 Ohio hosted an AK convention in Dayton.

Karen Kasper and Dr. Karin Thieme were our featured speakers. After my three children, Al Khamsa Arabians have been my passion for all these years. I retired in 2005 and became more active since then with our group. I love trail riding, feeding horses, doing pedigree research, and visiting our many horse friends around the country.

I look forward to serving Al Khamsa again this year, working on the trade booths and helping to build our supportership.