Al Khamsa Looks to the Future

Al Khamsa, Inc., has been a not-for-profit corporation for over 35 years, but the times require more from the organization than it faced in the past. The Board, in conjunction with the Al Khamsa attorney, has spent the past nine months looking at possibilities for Al Khamsa to use for the coming decades. The decision was made to move to a 501(c)(3) status. 

• This allows you, the donor, to consider the value of your contribution to Al Khamsa as tax-exempt, depending on your tax status. 

• This allows Al Khamsa to set up an endowment fund to provide financial stability to the organization. 

This decision means that our charter (articles of incorporation) and bylaws must be re-written to accommodate IRS standards for 501(c)(3) corporations. Our attorney did a wonderful job of blending the requirements into our existing legal documents. These changes must be approved by the Board and by the Advisory Council at the 2018 Al Khamsa annual meeting in Denton, Texas. [convention information] Your input is vital as we move forward!


In Memoriam

 Al Khamsa’s mission has always been to preserve the horse of the Bedouin, and to educate the public about them. In order to accomplish this mission, we need good, passionate people who are willing to lift their hands and hearts to this work. The loss of such a person is a loss to us all.


thumbnail Hanna Luise Heck Melnyk

Hanna Luise Heck-Melnyk (1931-2018)

 *Khamsat Vol. 29, No. 4 will feature Hansi, her breeding program, and her accomplishments.


thumbnail marilyn mchallam 

Marilyn McHallam (1943-2017)

*Khamsat Vol. 29, No. 3 - will feature Marilyn McHallam and Charles Craver

thumbnail charles craver

Charles C Craver III (1928-2016)

*Khamsat Vol. 29, No. 3 - will feature Marilyn McHallam and Charles Craver 

How You Can Help

Do you enjoy being around people of enthusiasm and curiosity? Are you one of the special people who sees the need to preserve the Arabian Horse of the Bedouins? Do you get a thrill from being with such horses? Does it give you a sense of satisfaction to know that you are working toward a worthy goal?

On this website and in our publications, you will find images and words that describe the most wonderful member of the equine family: the original Bedouin Arabian Horse. If this is a journey you think you could embrace, realize that it can be a life-long journey that will demand the best you can give. In the end, there are moments when you know that through your efforts, another generation of the Bedouin horse has entered the world, another generation of breeders has picked up the torch. Remember whose shoulders you stand upon! Through it all, Al Khamsa can play an integral part, supporting you on your journey with the hand of friendship.

Please consider being part of Al Khamsa!


Please consider making a donation to help support our efforts. Donations can be applied to the Al Khamsa General Fund, the Preservation Task Force, the Al Khamsa Endurance Award or the Endowment Fund. Details of each are on the Donation page.


For over 35 years, Al Khamsa has relied on the generosity of Volunteers. Whether it is time, money, expertise or sheer enthusiasm, WE NEED YOU to be able to continue our work in preserving the Bedouin Arabian horse for the future. This is a great way to meet people, learn and make a contribution. Please feel free to contact  to find out how you can be an integral part of what makes Al Khamsa great: the people and the horses.


Even if you don't own an Al Khamsa Arabian or are not sure how you will fit in or what you have to offer, please let us know. We welcome both newcomers and those with experience.

Presently, we need help in a lot of areas. Some of these include conventions, publications and the Preservation Task Force. We also need friendly people to help man our education-oriented booth at major events and help with sales: we can supply materials and information for those willing to represent Al Khamsa at local venues.

What We Do

We research, study and document as much as we can about the Arabian Horse of Bedouin culture as it and its descendants exist today.

We share this information through our website, our various publications, and our annual conventions. There are groups of Al Khamsa breeders and owners that pursue cooperative activities. In addition, we treasure our horses!

Al Khamsa is governed by a board of directors, who follow these bylaws and charter. The board appoints committees that actually do much of the work of Al Khamsa.

If you want more information about how this works, here is an explanation.

Board of Directors

Officers for 2021-2022:

President: PJ Altshuler

Vice President: Monica Respet & Jill Erisman

Secretary: Kim Davis

Treasurer: Mary Gills and Debbie Mackie

Buisness Office:  Patricia Lawrence  


Edouard Al-Dahdah

Kathy Busch

Jeanne Craver

Elizabeth Dawsari

Megan Detweiler King

Rosemary Doyle

Karin Floyd

Nichole Grodski

Jenny Krieg


2021-2022 Committee Chairs:

Awards & Honors: Janet Maurer

Convention: PJ Altshuler (Pam Studebaker backup)

External Relations: Rosemary Doyle

               Middle East Liason: Edouard Al-Dahdah

               AERC Liason: Edie Booth

Finance: Mary Gills (Debbie Mackie backup)

Nominations & Succession Planning: Rosemary Doyle

Preservation Task Force: Edouard Al-Dahdah and Kate Rhodes

Publications: Jeanne Craver  (Kathy Busch & Darlene Summers backup)

Roster Database: Sara Jones and Jeanne Craver

Social Media: Jenny Krieg  (Nichole Grodski backup)

Website: Jeannie Lieb  (backup Global Web Services, LLC)

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