Karin Floyd

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Karin’s journey with Arabians began when she started English horseback riding lessons at age seven in California. A few years into taking lessons, her mom entered a breeding lease with her instructor's mare to get Karin’s first Arabian gelding whom she subsequently learned hunter jumping with. He fostered for her a love for Arabians and also a passion (and perhaps determination) to one day breed and raise horses. This passion drove Karin to start breeding in her early twenties when she moved to Tucson, Arizona, and she happily settled on breeding Straight Egyptians because of their prestige and elegance. She went to her first Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 2013 and bought the book The Egyptian Alternative. This drove her breeding decisions ever since. She realized the crisis of genetic diversity within Egyptian Arabian bloodlines, and procured quality mares with outcross pedigrees to breed. This same realization about the scarcity of genetic diversity within Straight Egyptian Arabians also led her down the path to preserving scarce and endangered Al Khamsa Arabians in general outside of the Straight Egyptian group. Karin developed her breeding program Desert Heritage Arabians, and has been breeding and raising some of the rarest individuals within Al Khamsa Arabians. The focus of her breeding program is Code Red Preservation mares and stallions through their Ancestral Elements and tail male and female lines, as well as low Nazeer New Egyptian Straight Egyptians.

Karin has competed in a few endurance races, and is absolutely enthralled with the grace and stamina of the Al Khamsa Arabian. She considers it a privilege and an honor to preserve these truly magnificent creatures with such an incredible history. Concurrently to developing her breeding program, she started a natural hoof trimming business called TLC Hoof Trimming meanwhile going to the University of Arizona full time studying equine science. Karin graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors of Science Emphasis on Equine Science, and has been expanding her hoof trimming business as well as breeding program ever since. The following year in 2019, Karin was elected to the Board of Directors and continues to serve as a Director of the Al Khamsa, Inc.

Kate Rhodes

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Kate grew up riding and showing Arabians and half Arabians in local shows, trail rides and AHA Region 16 as a junior rider, most successfully in Hunter and Hunter over fences, along with other disciplines. After a chance introduction to Al Khamsa through the purchase of her first yearling project, she found focus and interest in these horses and never turned back. In 2010, she started to breed and has sparingly bred a group of sport-type Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Arabians with a relatively high percentage of Inshass blood. She was elected to the Board of Directors in 2019 and, after a few years on the Preservation Task Force committee, was elected to co-chair in 2021. She has worked on projects that involved networking, education, outreach and breeding in order to help preserve some of Al Khamsa's Code Red horses.

Outside of her work with Al Khamsa, Kate has a M.Ed with a concentration in Special Education and a LCSW with a specialty in child and family therapy. She has done equine assisted therapy, both on and off her farm, and has done outreach, education and treatment of children and families in need of more individualized services in schools and in the community. She brings this passion and global view to her work with Al Khamsa.

"I can not emphasize enough how my love and dedication to breeding these horses shapes my life in such positive ways. These horses are worthy of our time, honor and dedication."

PJ Altshuler


PJ Altshuler is a native of Texas, living and working in Dallas until 2015. PJ moved permanently to her horse ranch in Valley View, Texas August 2015. The ranch along with her first two Al Khamsa, Arabian mares were originally purchased in 2010. The long time dream of owning Asil Arabians was brought to fruition for her and her spouse, Marwan Absuoud, with the purchase in 2010 of two Al Khamsa mares. Her spouse was a lifetime owner of Arabians and grew up in the Mideast with the Asil Arabian horses of the desert. PJ has been dedicated to the Al Khamsa ideology since she first became involved with horses. She now owns Arabian Meadows LLC in Valley View, Texas. The purity of the Asil bloodline is a main focus of their breeding program and its strict reproduction guidelines is paramount. The majority of her time is now spent on the upkeep of a herd of 25 horses and the breeding of Al Khamsa Arabians exclusively. Articles by or about PJ Altshuler/Arabian Meadows LLC include: Khamsat, February 2015, "Horses of Palestine"; Arabian Finish Line, March 2016, "Purity Lost in the Desert"; and Arabian Horse World, May 2017, cover story, "Arabian Meadows". PJ comes from a corporate background, serving as an Officer and Director of four health and life insurance companies. Republic American Life Insurance Company, Life of America Insurance Company, Republic Bankers Life Insurance Company and American Reserve Life Insurance Company. PJ was with the above companies for approximately 20 years where she held various positions as Corporate Secretary, Marketing Director and Human Resource Director. She has also served on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Rehabilitation Board. PJ Altshuler served as Secretary of the Al Khamsa, Inc. Board of Directors from 2015–18. Currently serving as Vice-President.

Charles Craver


Charles Craver

It is truly hard to imagine one person who could be more things than was Charles Craver. His passing at the very end of 2016 leaves an imprint in the history of Al Khamsa and the Arabian breed that few will ever match.

Charles started with Arabians in 1949. In the early 1950s he began scouring the country enthusiastically learning all he could about Arabians, coming to the conclusion that the horses of the Davenport legacy were diminishing and needed to be preserved. With the acquisition of the magnificent stallion Tripoli in 1955, Charles soon afterward began buying or leasing 9 more horses of similar heritage, and eventually he would become one of America's greatest 20th century Arabian preservationist breeders, producing nearly 600 horses.

Charles also saw the need for a formal organization to carry on important commitments of preservation. This organization, with the help of his beloved wife Jeanne, became internationally renowned as Al Khamsa, formally beginning in 1975, with Charles appropriately chosen as Al Khamsa's first president. Charles also enlisted other enthusiasts to become involved not only in his own effort on behalf of Homer Davenport's legacy, but for any and all lines in need of attention within the Al Khamsa concept.

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