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Badria (INS): 1941 cm
Badria (INS)
1941 cm 83 IOHB

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

Presented to the Inshass Stud of King Faruq in Egypt by Bisharat Bey, transferred to the Veterinary Section of the Egyptian Army in 1953.

    NOTES: The above information is from the entry for Badria, horse #83, in the Inshass Original Herd Book. EAO Stud Book Vol. 3 repeats date of birth, color and date of transfer. Both date the presentation to 1948. Dr. Ameen Zaher, an Egyptian veterinarian and student of Egyptian horses and brother to King Faruq's secretary, says in a 10.9.1979 letter to W.G. Olms that Badria died at Inshass.
    Midhat Bisharat, son of Bisharat Bey (Shibly Bisharat, a Palestinian businessman involved in resale of war materiél), wrote on 12.27.1982 to Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel that Badria was by an 'Ubayyan and out of a Hamdaniyah and had been purchased by his father from the Trans-Jordanian Frontier Force when it disbanded in 1946 following World War II. [Bisharat has been transliterated also as Basharat and Bischarat.]

Tail Female: Badria (INS)

Ancestral Elements
             Inshass, 100.0%

Badria (INS): 1941 cm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1946 cs Badr (INS) (Besheir El Ashkar (INS) x Badria (INS)) 1953 gm Ghazza (INS) (Badr (INS) x Ghorra (INS)) 1963 gs *Anwarr [11] (*Morafic x Ghazza (INS)) 1956 bm Mona (EAO) (Badr (INS) x Mahdia (INS)) 1965 gs Bilal I (EAO) [ 9] (*Morafic x Mona (EAO)) 1966 bm *Serenity Montaha [ 2] (Galal (EAO) x Mona (EAO)) 1967 bm Hanan (EAO) [ 9] (Alaa El Din (EAO) x Mona (EAO)) 1968 cs Maher (EAO) [13] (Galal (EAO) x Mona (EAO)) 1957 bm Mansoura (EAO) (Badr (INS) x Bint Mabrouka (INS)) 1962 gm Tanta (EAO) [ 5] (*Morafic x Mansoura (EAO)) 1963 cm *Hend [ 3] (Alaa El Din (EAO) x Mansoura (EAO)) 1957 cs Bandong (EAO) (Anter (INS) x Badria (INS)) 1963 gm Bint Rawya (ABS) (Bandong (EAO) x Rawya (RAS)) 1971 gm Adam Kheir (ABS) [ 4] (Kayed (EAO) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1972 gm Bassima EAO [13] (Kayed (EAO) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1973 gs Ibn Shaker I (GER) [ 4] (Shaker El Masri (EAO) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1975 gm *Shalom Ha Yonah [11] (Mehyar (EAO) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1979 _s *Rauwyan (Kaysoon (EAO) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1980 _s *Rayyan II (Malik (GER) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1982 gm *Morawya [ 9] (Malik (GER) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1983 gs Bedouin Ibn Malik (Malik (GER) x Bint Rawya (ABS)) 1984 gs Tuareg Ibn Malik (Malik (GER) x Bint Rawya (ABS))

Total descendants 6543
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   4
 3,  16
 4,  92
 5, 362
 6, 996
10, 376
11,  62
Descendants by year
 1940-9,   1 
 1950-9,   4 
 1960-9,  10 
 1970-9,  79 
 1980-9, 570 
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