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Besheir El Ashkar (INS): 1935 cs
Besheir El Ashkar (INS)
1935 cs 80 IOHB

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

Presented to the Inshass Stud of King Faruq of Egypt by Bisharat Bey. Sold to El Wasta Farm in 1951. [Alternate spellings: Basheer, Bashir, Bishir Al Ashkar and other variations]

    NOTES: The above information is from the entry for Besheir El Ashkar, horse #80, in the Inshass Original Herd Book. EAO Stud Book Vol. 3 repeats date of birth, color and date of sale. Both date the presentation to 1948. Neither offers strain or family history. Dr. Ameen Zaher, an Egyptian veterinarian and student of Egyptian horses and brother to King Faruq's secretary, says in a 10.9.1979 letter to W.G. Olms that El Wasta Farm was a part of the Inshass Stud.
    Midhat Bisharat, son of Bisharat Bey (Shibly Bisharat, a Palestinian businessman involved in resale of war materiél), wrote on 12.27.1982 to Dr. Hans-Joachim Nagel that Besheir El Ashkar was by a Saqlawi and out of a Kuhaylat 'Ajuz and had been purchased by his father from the Trans-Jordanian Frontier Force when it disbanded in 1946 following World War II. [Bisharat has been transliterated also as Basharat and Bischarat.]
    See Mahmouda (INS) and Rabiaa (INS): Alternate Sire.

Tail Male: Besheir El Ashkar (INS)

Ancestral Elements
             Inshass, 100.0%

Besheir El Ashkar (INS): 1935 cs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1946 cs Badr (INS) (Besheir El Ashkar (INS) x Badria (INS)) 1953 gm Ghazza (INS) (Badr (INS) x Ghorra (INS)) 1963 gs *Anwarr [11] (*Morafic x Ghazza (INS)) 1956 bm Mona (EAO) (Badr (INS) x Mahdia (INS)) 1965 gs Bilal I (EAO) [ 9] (*Morafic x Mona (EAO)) 1966 bm *Serenity Montaha [ 2] (Galal (EAO) x Mona (EAO)) 1967 bm Hanan (EAO) [ 9] (Alaa El Din (EAO) x Mona (EAO)) 1968 cs Maher (EAO) [13] (Galal (EAO) x Mona (EAO)) 1957 bm Mansoura (EAO) (Badr (INS) x Bint Mabrouka (INS)) 1962 gm Tanta (EAO) [ 5] (*Morafic x Mansoura (EAO)) 1963 cm *Hend [ 3] (Alaa El Din (EAO) x Mansoura (EAO)) 1951 cm Mahmouda (INS) (Besheir El Ashkar (INS) x El Mahrousa (INS)) 1968 gs *Hedarr (Amrulla (EAO) x Mahmouda (INS)) 1985 cm Sadarba [ 5] (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1986 gm Samorra [ 2] (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1987 _m Aziada (*Hedarr x *Afkar) 1987 gs Khalid Moniet (*Hedarr x Lesprit Dmoniet) 1987 gm Shandaa [ 1] (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1988 gs Amrulla II (*Hedarr x *Afkar) 1988 gm Diamonde Girl (*Hedarr x Fetenat El Gamal) 1988 gs Hedarr El Din (*Hedarr x Shiharak) 1988 cm Sabreenah (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1989 gm Bint Hedarr (*Hedarr x *Afkar) 1989 gm Sharrdenae (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1990 bs Ben Ruach (*Hedarr x BSA Naffata) 1991 gm Azarria (*Hedarr x *Afkar) 1991 gm Hedarra (*Hedarr x *Saheraa) 1991 gs Knight of Hedarr (*Hedarr x Lesprit Dmoniet) 1991 cm Sabithaa (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1991 bm Tam Rose (*Hedarr x Aziza Serr Raymah) 1992 gs Ibn Afkar (*Hedarr x *Afkar) 1992 gs Scymitarr (*Hedarr x Bint Sabah) 1994 gm Allaha [ 1] (*Hedarr x *Afkar) 1994 cm Bint Nathela (*Hedarr x *Nathela) 1995 cs Hedeyas [ 1] (*Hedarr x CAS Fa Hannah) 1951 cm Rabiaa (INS) (Besheir El Ashkar (INS) x Rateeba (INS)) 1966 bm *Aminaa (Ibn Maisa (EAO) x Rabiaa (INS)) 1970 bs Hilal (ABS) [24] (Nader (EAO) x *Aminaa) 1972 bm *Samiaa [ 8] (Kayed (EAO) x *Aminaa) 1974 bm *Amalaa [12] (Mowaffac (EAO) x *Aminaa) 1975 gs *Moushir (Mubark x *Aminaa) 1977 _s AK Aslan (Amaal x *Aminaa) 1979 gs El Akhir (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous x *Aminaa) 1980 gm Bint Aminaa [ 5] (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous x *Aminaa) 1981 ks Madaawi (TheEgyptianPrince x *Aminaa) 1982 _s AK Jabaal (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous x *Aminaa) 1983 bm Halabi [11] (AK Shah Moniet x *Aminaa) 1985 bm CT Talina [10] (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa) 1987 bs AK Ibn Hassan [ 2] (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa) 1988 bs AK Hassan Bay [ 1] (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa) 1990 km Baraka Yasminaa (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa)

Total descendants 6393
Descendants by generation
 1,   3
 2,   5
 3,  43
 4, 134
 5, 498
10, 326
11,  56
Descendants by year
 1940-9,   1 
 1950-9,   5 
 1960-9,  11 
 1970-9,  86 
 1980-9, 589 
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