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Bint Azz (APS): 1880 gm
Bint Azz (APS)
1880 gm RASp-1.12a
Breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Dahmah Shahwaniyah. Also spelled Bint Ezz.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the birthdate, which is an Al Khamsa estimate, color and breeder) is from the RAS History pedigree on p12a showing Bint Azz by Wazir out of Azz.
    The 1932 certified pedigree for *Bint Serra I from the stud of Prince Kamal al-Din and the pedigree for Ibn Sara in the Inshass Original Herd Book show Ibn Nura (APS) as the sire, but they also show Bint Azz as dam of Sahab (APS). However, the Blunt's Sheykh Obeyd herd book [Pearson, 1988, 146] shows Bint Bint Azz (APS)-who was by Ibn Nura-as dam of Sahab, therefore it seems likely that there is a confusion between Bint Azz and her daughter, Bint Bint Azz.
    Lady Anne Blunt [J&C, 12.11.1896] refers to Bint Azz as a fleabitten grey Dahmah Shahwaniyah in the stud of Ali Pasha Sharif. In the same book on p406, Lady Anne notes that Bint Azz was imported in 1897 by Prince Sanguszko to what would be present-day Poland through the dealer Amato, and on 11.10.1899 that Bint Azz had died at Sanguszko's of a broken leg, leaving no produce there.
    Raswan Index entries #1067 and #1413 show the sire of Bint Azz as an Ibn Nura foaled in 1849, bred by Ali Pasha Sharif, sired by Shamrukh, a black desert-bred Dahman Shahwan of al-Najib of the Dhafir and out of Nura El Kebira (APS). This pedigree appears unlikely as far as the dates involved, as Nura El Kebira herself was producing c1870, and there would also be a 30-year gap between the 1849 Ibn Nura and Bint Azz in 1880. [See also the entries for Nura El Kebira (APS) and Bint Bint Azz (APS)]

Tail Male: Zobeyni (AP)
Tail Female: Talqah (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

		Zobeyni (AP): 1840 gs

	Wazir (APS): 1863 gs

		Ghazieh (AP): 1850 gm

Bint Azz (APS): 1880 gm

	Azz (APS): 1860 _m

		Talqah (AP): 1840 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1886 bs Nasr (APS) (Aziz (APS) x Bint Azz (APS)) 1891 cm Kasida (APS) (Nasr (APS) x Makbula (APS)) 1898 cm Jalmuda (BLT) (Mameluke (GSB) x Kasida (APS)) 1901 cm Kantara (BLT) [ 1] (Mameluke (GSB) x Kasida (APS)) 1905 bm *Kasima [ 2] (Narkise (BLT) x Kasida (APS)) 1908 bs *Jahil [ 5] (*Berk x Kasida (APS)) 1895 gm Bint Bint Azz (APS) (Ibn Nura (APS) x Bint Azz (APS)) 1903 gs Sahab (APS) (Kaukab (APS) x Bint Bint Azz (APS)) 1911 gm Zareefa (BLT) [ 2] (Sahab (APS) x Ghadia (BLT)) 1915 gm Serra (BLT) [ 2] (Sahab (APS) x Jemla (BLT))

Total descendants 40079
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   2
 3,   6
 4,  12
 5,  20
 6, 139
 7, 323
 8, 820
17, 362
18,  25
19,   1
Descendants by year
 1880-9,   1 
 1890-9,   3 
 1900-9,   4 
 1910-9,  11 
 1920-9,   8 
 1930-9,  27 
 1940-9, 121 
 1950-9, 301 
 1960-9, 822 
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