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Bint Nura (APS): 1870 _m
Bint Nura (APS)
1870 _m
Breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Dahmah Shahwaniyah of the marbat of al-Najib.

    The above information applies to a number of possible mares that may be represented in Al Khamsa pedigrees. Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt admired this family at the stud of Ali Pasha Sharif and altogether purchased ten horses descended from Nura El Kebira (APS). The connections between these horses and their relationship to Nura El Kebira herself are, however, not clear.
    Lady Anne's journal entries contain some information on the Nura El Kebira family. On her first visit to the Ali Pasha Sharif stud [J&C 11.25.1880] she describes two mares: a c1875 bay granddaughter of Nura by Wazir (APS) and a c1873 brown daughter of Nura by Wazir. A year later [J&C 12.3.1881], Lady Anne describes three daughters of Nura (two bay and one grey) at the stud of Ali Pasha Sharif. The one of these she most admired was the c1875 bay by Wazir, but now the mare is said to be an own daughter of Nura, rather than a granddaughter. Lady Anne also describes a brown mare which might be the same c1873 mare from the earlier entry. However, now the mare is shown as being sired by Shueyman (APS). She does not give a sire for-or otherwise identify-the grey.
    Seven years later [J&C 12.19.1888], Lady Anne describes more of the family, including a chestnut daughter of the grey Bint Nura seen in 1881. This mare appears to be Bint Nura (BLT), an 1885 chestnut mare by Aziz (APS). The two direct offspring of a Bint Nura of Ali Pasha Sharif that were purchased by the Blunts are this mare, Bint Nura (BLT), and Ibn Nura (APS), an 1876 grey stallion.
    Upton [1989, 143 & 175] and Archer et al. [1978, 95-6], apparently working directly from records of Lady Anne Blunt, show the grey Bint Nura as sired by Zobeyni (AP).
    In a photographic reproduction of Feysul's Sheykh Obeyd herd book entry in Lady Anne's hand [Upton, 1980, 8], Ibn Nura is shown as out of a bay Bint Nura, with the sire's name unreadable, in the reproduction, at least. Colin Pearson [1988, xxxi] shows an 1870 bay Bint Nura by Zobeyni as dam of Bint Nura (BLT), Ibn Nura (APS) and Kaukab (APS). Raswan Index entry #1476 is confused between Bint Nura (APS) and her daughter, Bint Nura (BLT).
    Considering that several mares appear to have been called Bint Nura and that the information about them is confusing, it is likely that at least two daughters of Nura El Kebira are involved in Al Khamsa pedigrees: a bay (possibly by Zobeyni or Shueyman) dam of Ibn Nura, and a grey (possibly by Zobeyni) dam of Bint Nura (BLT).     Possible dam of Kaukab (APS).

Tail Female: Nura El Kebira (APS)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Bint Nura (APS): 1870 _m

	Nura El Kebira (APS): 1850 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1876 gs Ibn Nura (APS) (Sottam (APS) x Bint Nura (APS)) 1894 cs Feysul (APS) (Ibn Nura (APS) x El Argaa (APS)) 1902 cs Ibn Yashmak (BLT) [ 4] (Feysul (APS) x Yashmak (BLT)) 1904 gm Ghadia (BLT) [ 2] (Feysul (APS) x *Ghazala) 1906 bm *Amra [ 2] (Feysul (APS) x Bint Helwa (APS)) 1906 cs Ajman (BLT) [ 1] (Feysul (APS) x Ajramieh (BLT)) 1906 cs Rasim (BLT) [ 6] (Feysul (APS) x Risala (BLT)) 1911 cm *Kerbela (Feysul (APS) x Kantara (BLT)) 1915 cs *Rajafan (Feysul (APS) x *Rijma) 1915 cm Ajjam (BLT) [ 1] (Feysul (APS) x Ajramieh (BLT)) 1919 cs *Rizvan [11] (Feysul (APS) x *Rijma) 1895 gm Bint Bint Azz (APS) (Ibn Nura (APS) x Bint Azz (APS)) 1903 gs Sahab (APS) [ 2] (Kaukab (APS) x Bint Bint Azz (APS)) 1897 bm Ghazieh (APS) (Ibn Nura (APS) x Bint Horra (APS)) 1910 bm Feyda (BLT) [ 1] (Jamil (APS) x Ghazieh (APS)) 1885 cm Bint Nura (BLT) (Aziz (APS) x Bint Nura (APS)) 1892 gs Kaukab (APS) (Ibn Sherara (APS) x Bint Nura (BLT)) 1903 gs Sahab (APS) [ 2] (Kaukab (APS) x Bint Bint Azz (APS)) 1893 cs Mahruss (BLT) (Mahruss (APS) x Bint Nura (BLT)) 1901 cs *Ibn Mahruss [ 8] (Mahruss (BLT) x *Bushra) 1901 cs Rijm (BLT) [ 7] (Mahruss (BLT) x *Rose Of Sharon) 1899 cs Daoud (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Bint Nura (BLT)) 1905 cm *Risalda [ 7] (Daoud (BLT) x Risala (BLT)) 1908 gs *Berid (Daoud (BLT) x Feluka (BLT)) 1908 cm *Hamida [ 2] (Daoud (BLT) x Hilmyeh (BLT)) 1910 bm Sarama (BLT) [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Siwa (BLT)) 1911 bm Marhaba (BLT) [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Mabruka (BLT)) 1912 cm *Nueyra [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Nefisa (BLT)) 1916 bm Rudeyna (BLT) [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Rose Of Hind (BLT)) 1917 cm *Rasima [ 5] (Daoud (BLT) x Rose Of Hind (BLT))

Total descendants 41240
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   6
 3,  21
 4,  61
 5, 109
 6, 308
 7, 750
14, 760
15,  50
16,  13
Descendants by year
 1870-9,   1 
 1880-9,   1 
 1890-9,   6 
 1900-9,  18 
 1910-9,  50 
 1920-9,  98 
 1930-9, 289 
 1940-9, 544 
 1950-9, 485 
 1960-9, 887 
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