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Dahman El Azrak (APK): 1890 gs
Dahman El Azrak (APK)
1890 gs RASp-*Bint Saada
Breeder: Prince Ahmad Pasha Kamal

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Dahman Shahwan.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the date, which is an Al Khamsa estimate and the breeder, which is from Lady Anne Blunt), is from the certified pedigrees for the Babson and Brown imports of 1932 and the RAS History, p41.
    Lady Anne Blunt's 1909 Sheykh Obeyd Catalog describes the sire of Noma and Sabah as "Dahman a white [flea bitten] Dahman Shahwan bred by Prince Ahmed Pasha, his dam Ferida, his sire Jamil, Dark Bay Seglawi Jedran, bred by Prince Ahmed Pasha..."
    However, in earlier journal entries, Lady Anne refers to two other stallions as grey Dahmans specifically described as out of Farida Dabbani and owned by Prince Ahmad Pasha Kamal. The first of these is described as by Koheilan El Mossen [J&C, 3.9.1904], "a white Dahman Shahwan, dam the Dahmeh that belonged to Ahmed Bey Sennari, sire the Keh. A. of Mesenneh strain brought to A.B. Sennari from the desert..." No age is implied. [See also the entry for Koheilan El Mossen (KDV)]
    The second is described on two different occasions. On the first [J&C, 3.10.1907], she said, "Dahman 14 years... his dam Ferida the Dahmeh Shahwanieh of Sennari, his sire the old white Seglawi..." On the second [J&C, 12.2.1907], this stallion is said to be 16 years of age. These two references would place this horse as being foaled in the 1890-1893 range. Colin Pearson [1988, xxv] discusses the pedigree of Dahman El Azrak, quoting Lady Anne (evidently in a herd book entry) as saying his sire was "the old white Seg. Jed. Ahmed Pasha had from A.P.S." It is not known whether this "old white Seglawi" is the same horse as Saklawi I. [See also the entry for Saklawi I (APS)] Lady Anne [J&C, 2.22.1905] remembers that Farida Dabbani was taken at the death of Ahmed Bey Sennari (which was late 1893, according to Wilfrid Blunt, My Diaries, 12.5.1893) by Prince Ahmad Pasha Kemal.
    It is impossible to say whether there were three grey sons of Farida Dabbani owned by Prince Ahmad, or whether all of the listed progeny are by only one of the several stallions called Dahman. The birthdate of Bint Roga Al Zarka (APK) (dam of the c1898 Om Dalal) implies that, at least in this case, her sire, if it was Dahman El Azrak, was foaled at least as early as 1891-2, and therefore he would have been bred by Ahmed Bey Sennari and gone with his dam, Farida Dabbani, to Prince Ahmad after the death of Sennari.

Tail Male: Jamil El Kebir (APK)
Tail Female: Farida Dabbani (APS)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

		Jamil El Kebir (APK): 1870 cs

	Jamil El Ahmar (APK): 1885 bs

		Sabha El Zarka (APS): 1882 gm

Dahman El Azrak (APK): 1890 gs

	Farida Dabbani (APS): 1880 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1897 gs Rabdan El Azrak (APK) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Rabda (APK)) 1903 gm Dalal Al Zarka (APK) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Om Dalal (APK)) 1912 gs Gamil Manial (MNL) [ 6] (Saklawi II (KDV) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1920 _m Ghazala (MNL) [ 1] (Kawkab (MNL) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1920 _m Mahbouba (MNL) [ 1] (Bark (MNL) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1925 cm Khafifa (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Samhan (RAS) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1905 _m Nafaa El Kebira (APK) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Donia (APK)) 1910 gm Nafaa El Saghira (APK) [ 3] (Sabbah (APK) x Nafaa El Kebira (APK)) 1905 cs Samhan (APK) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Om Dalal (APK)) 1910 cm Nadra El Saghira (MNL) [ 1] (Samhan (APK) x Nadra El Kebira (KDV)) 1918 cm Samiha (RAS) [ 1] (Samhan (APK) x Bint Hadba El Saghira (KDV)) 1919 cs Ibn Samhan (RAS) [ 5] (Samhan (APK) x Nafaa El Saghira (APK)) 1914 cs Hadban (MNL) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Tarfa (APK)) 1920 cm Bint Dalal (KAD) [ 2] (Hadban (MNL) x Dalal Al Hamra (BLT)) 1926 gm Bint Zareefa (KAD) [ 2] (Hadban (MNL) x Zareefa (BLT)) 1917 cs Ibn Rabdan (RAS) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Bint Gamila (KDV)) 1923 cs *Ibn Nafa [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Nafaa El Saghira (APK)) 1926 cm Bint Bint Dalal (KAD) [ 2] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Dalal (KAD)) 1927 bs Ibn Fayda (KAD) [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Feyda (BLT)) 1929 bm Hind (RAS) [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Rustem (RAS)) 1929 cm Layla (RAS) [ 2] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Sabah (RAS)) 1930 cm *Bint Bint Durra [ 6] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Durra (RAS)) 1930 gs *Fadl [50] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1931 gm *Maaroufa [17] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1931 gm El Yatima (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1931 gs Shahloul (RAS) [ 8] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1934 bm Badia (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Zareefa (RAS)) 1935 gm Samira (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1936 gs Hamdan (RAS) [17] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1938 cm Ragia (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Farida (MNL)) 1939 bm Salwa (RAS) [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Rustem (RAS)) 1918 gs *Nasr (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1928 gs Ibn Manial (RAS) [ 1] (*Nasr x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1929 gm *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida [ 5]=,H@d(*Nasr x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1935 bm Banna [ 5] (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1935 gs Jellaby (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1935 bs Najadur (*Nasr x Jadura) 1936 gm Croisedore [ 3] (*Nasr x *Aire) 1936 cs Ibn Manial (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1936 gm Mamar (*Nasr x Larkspur) 1937 gs Abyad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1937 gs Bady (*Nasr x Bismillah) 1937 gm Jellabiet (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1937 bs Na Hoarka (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1937 gm Sunbul (*Nasr x Samarkand) 1937 gs Tom-Itnen (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1937 gs Tom-Wahid (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1938 gs Asad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1938 gm Brasileira (*Nasr x *Aire) 1938 cs Hishan (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1938 gs Rodasr [ 1] (*Nasr x *Roda) 1938 bs Warys (*Nasr x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1939 gs Hammurabi (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1939 gs Sirecho [30] (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1946 gm Rulyna (*Nasr x Rabbani) 1947 gm Bint Nasr (*Nasr x Rabbani) 1932 gs *Silver Yew (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x *Aziza) 1900 cm Tarfa (APK) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Freiha (APK)) 1906 bs Mashkour (APK) (Sabbah (APK) x Tarfa (APK)) 1913 bs Bark (MNL) [ 1] (Mashkour (APK) x Freiha (KDV)) 1912 gs Mabrouk Manial (MNL) (Saklawi II (KDV) x Tarfa (APK)) 1918 gs Awad (RAS) [ 3] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1918 gs Baiyad (RAS) [ 2] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Bint Gamila (KDV)) 1920 gm Bint Radia (RAS) [ 5] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Ghadia (BLT)) 1920 gm Mahroussa (MNL) [ 4] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1920 cm Sabah (RAS) [ 1] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1925 gs Jasir (MNL) [ 1] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1925 gm Saada (MNL) [ 1] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Mahbouba (MNL)) 1914 cs Hadban (MNL) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Tarfa (APK)) 1920 cm Bint Dalal (KAD) [ 2] (Hadban (MNL) x Dalal Al Hamra (BLT)) 1926 gm Bint Zareefa (KAD) [ 2] (Hadban (MNL) x Zareefa (BLT)) 1909 gm Negma (KDV) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1920 gm Mahroussa (MNL) (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1928 gs *Zarife [27] (Ibn Samhan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1929 gm *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida [ 5]|O~/d(*Nasr x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1930 gs *Fadl [50] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1931 gm *Maaroufa [17] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1922 gm Zahra (MNL) (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1934 _m El Zahraa (INS) [ 1] (Rasheed (BLT) x Zahra (MNL)) 1937 gs Adham (INS) [ 3] (Ibn Fayda (KAD) x Zahra (MNL)) 1925 gs Jasir (MNL) (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1933 gm Jatta (W-M) [ 1] (Jasir (MNL) x Soldateska (WL)) 1926 gm *Aziza (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1932 gs *Silver Yew (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x *Aziza) 1936 km Black Auster (*Zarife x *Aziza) 1937 gs Abyad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1938 gs Asad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1939 gs Julep [ 2] (Gulastra x *Aziza) 1944 gs Azual (Kenur x *Aziza) 1945 cs Abjar (Kenur x *Aziza) 1947 gm Azyya [ 3] (Kenur x *Aziza) 1931 gm *Roda (Mansour (RAS) x Negma (KDV)) 1937 bs Hallany Mistanny [35] (*Zarife x *Roda) 1938 gs Rodasr [ 1] (*Nasr x *Roda) 1939 gs Apollo [ 9] (Agwe x *Roda) 1940 gm Rodetta (Agwe x *Roda) 1941 gm Shemma (Agwe x *Roda) 1943 gm Weda (Agwe x *Roda) 1945 gs Jaspre [ 6] (Agwe x *Roda) 1954 cm Sunny Acres Katydid (Ibn Hanad x *Roda) 1955 bm Sunny Acres Fantasy [ 3] (Ibn Hanad x *Roda) 1911 gm Aroussa (MNL) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1922 gm Radia (MNL) (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Aroussa (MNL)) 1932 _m Thouraya (INS) [ 1] (El Deree (INS) x Radia (MNL)) 1924 gs Gamil III (RAS) (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Aroussa (MNL)) 1932 gm Zamzam (RAS) [ 3] (Gamil III (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1946 gm Lateefa (RAS) [ 6] (Gamil III (RAS) x Salwa (RAS))

Total descendants 41514
Descendants by generation
 1,   4
 2,  16
 3,  55
 4, 167
 5, 530
 6, 820
16, 611
17,  75
18,   4
Descendants by year
 1890-9,   1 
 1900-9,   6 
 1910-9,  13 
 1920-9,  29 
 1930-9,  95 
 1940-9, 217 
 1950-9, 388 
 1960-9, 949 
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