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El Nasser (RAS): 1938 gs
El Nasser (RAS)
1938 gs 1.44 RAS

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Kuhaylan Da'jani bred by Ahmad al-Taha, Shaykh of the Juhaysh tribe of the Jazirah, east of the Euphrates River, Syria. Sold to Henri Pharaon either directly or through a merchant. Pharaon raced him in Beirut under the name Didane. Sold to Khidr Mihyu who sold him to Ahmad Abu al-Futuh of Egypt, who changed his name from Didane to El Nasser. Presented to the RAS by Ahmad Abu al-Futuh in 1947, where he was used for breeding.

By a Dahman 'Amir of the al-Ajarrash clan of the Shammar and owned by the Jubur tribe and out of a Kuhaylat Ajuz Da'janiyah of the strain well-known among the Taha clan of the Juhaysh and owned by Ahmad al-Taha, Shaykh of the Juhaysh.

    NOTES: The above information is compiled by Edouard al-Dahdah from a number of sources. Conflicting sources of information about El Nasser (RAS) exist. The RAS History (p44, horse #41) says merely that El Nasser was "Kuhaylan Dajani; an imported race-horse bought on 13th September 1947 from Ahmed Abu El Fotouh Bey and bred by Henri Faraun of Syria." This book was printed only months after El Nasser was purchased, which may explain the paucity of information and the apparently incorrect attribution of Henri Pharaon, actually of Lebanon, as breeder.
    Asil Araber Vol. II [p518], apparently in error, says that a certain Ibn "Ghaich" of the Fid'an (the family name being similar to that of the Juhaysh tribe of the breeder, al-Taha) sold the horse to a merchant, 'Abd al-Hafid al-Zayn who sold him to Pharaon.
    (See photo p160)

Tail Male: El Nasser (RAS)

Ancestral Elements
            Egypt II, 100.0%

El Nasser (RAS): 1938 gs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1948 gm Sehr (RAS) (El Nasser (RAS) x Salwa (RAS)) 1956 gs Nasralla (EAO) (Balance (RAS) x Sehr (RAS)) 1964 gm *Waheeba [ 3] (Nasralla (EAO) x Zebeda (EAO)) 1964 bm Anwaar (EAO) [ 6] (Nasralla (EAO) x Yasmeena (INS)) 1965 bm Amoura I (EAO) [ 1] (Nasralla (EAO) x Bint Mabrouka (INS)) 1965 cm El Tahra (EAO) [ 1] (Nasralla (EAO) x Magdia (EAO)) 1965 _m Fanar (EAO) [ 4] (Nasralla (EAO) x Bint Bukra (EAO)) 1965 gm Gohara (EAO) [ 3] (Nasralla (EAO) x Jehan (EAO)) 1965 gm Rabaa (EAO) [ 6] (Nasralla (EAO) x Hemmat (RAS)) 1966 gm *Contentment Marwa [11] (Nasralla (EAO) x Bint Mabrouka (INS)) 1966 _m Fadwa (EAO) [ 2] (Nasralla (EAO) x Fathia (RAS)) 1967 gm *Serenity Luftia [ 8] (Nasralla (EAO) x Nazeera (EAO)) 1967 gm *Watfa [ 6] (Nasralla (EAO) x Set El Wadi (EAO)) 1967 bs Amoon (EAO) [ 1] (Nasralla (EAO) x Naama (EAO)) 1968 gm *Abeer [ 4] (Nasralla (EAO) x Ayda (EAO)) 1968 bm *AK Hamida [12] (Nasralla (EAO) x Bint El Dahma II (EAO)) 1968 gm *Baheia [ 4] (Nasralla (EAO) x Hemmat (RAS)) 1968 gm Wafaa (EAO) [ 4] (Nasralla (EAO) x Korima (EAO)) 1968 _m Waseema (EAO) [ 2] (Nasralla (EAO) x Set El Wadi (EAO)) 1969 bm *Ramses Wafeya [ 3] (Nasralla (EAO) x Farfoura (EAO)) 1969 gm Toota (EAO) [ 6] (Nasralla (EAO) x Neamat (EAO)) 1970 gm *Gazbeya [10] (Nasralla (EAO) x Hagir (EAO)) 1970 gs *Moufeed (Nasralla (EAO) x Fathia (RAS)) 1970 gm Insaf (EAO) [ 1] (Nasralla (EAO) x Saklawia II (RAS)) 1973 gm *Nathela [ 8] (Nasralla (EAO) x Nahid (EAO)) 1973 gs Moataz (EAO) [ 2] (Nasralla (EAO) x Enayat (EAO))

Total descendants 9390
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   1
 3,  24
 4, 107
 5, 519
 6, 637
11, 161
12,  22
Descendants by year
 1940-9,   1 
 1950-9,   1 
 1960-9,  19 
 1970-9,  97 
 1980-9, 710 
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