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Feyda (BLT): 1910 bm
Feyda (BLT)
1910 bm Pearson.144
Breeder: Lady Anne Blunt

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah of the marbat of Ibn Sudan. Also spelled Fayda or Faida.

    NOTES: The above information is from Lady Anne Blunt's Sheykh Obeyd herd book [Pearson, 144, which lists the horses left at Sheykh Obeyd at Lady Anne's death]. The Inshass Original Herd Book shows the dam of Feyda (BLT) as "Gazia Bint Bint Horra."
    Lady Anne Blunt died 12.15.1917. A letter dated 12.2.1918 from Hampson Gary of the American Consulate in Cairo to Col. D.E. Brown of Gorham, New Hampshire, concerning the disposition of the Sheykh Obeyd horses says that "... Immediately upon receipt of [your] telegram [11.20.1918] I had one of my secretaries call on Prince Kamal Din [Kamal al-Din] for a reply. The Prince stated that he had purchased sixteen [apparently all] of Lady Blunt's [sic] horses and that he had already sold seven of them... He expressed surprise that his purchase of these horses was known..." The Trustees of Lady Anne's estate had, upon Lady Anne's death, sold the entire Sheykh Obeyd stud in a block in January of 1918, apparently to Prince Kamal al-Din. Some of the horses were then sold on to Mr. T.G.B. Trouncer and Mr. Khasdougli (a Greek who also, according to Lady Wentworth, purchased the Sheykh Obeyd property). [See also Durra (BLT)]
    Feyda was evidently one of the Sheykh Obeyd horses that Prince Kamal al-Din kept, since her son Ibn Fayda was owned (and apparently bred) by him. Jack Humphrey (in a 3.4.1932 letter from Cairo to W.R. Brown, for whom he was serving as agent) described "Faiza" or "Faida" as "one of the original Blunt mares" and her four-year-old son as a dark bay by Ibn Rabdan. While Feyda (BLT) did have a filly named "Faiza," according to the Blunt's Sheykh Obeyd herd book [Pearson, 144], this filly was sold from Sheykh Obeyd as a two-year-old. There is no indication that she later appeared at the stud of Prince Kamal al-Din, and Humphrey was apparently referring to Feyda herself.
    (See photo p249)

Tail Male: Zobeyni (AP)
Tail Female: Ghazieh (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

				Zobeyni (AP) 1840 gs          
			Harkan (AP): 1855 gs
				Harka (AP) 1845 _m            
		Aziz (APS): 1876 cs
				Samhan (AP) 1850 _s           
			Aziza (APS): 1868 gm
				Bint Faras Naqadan (APS) 1860 _m(Zobeyni (AP) 1840 gs x Talqah (AP) 1840 gm)
	Jamil (APS): 1896 cs
				Jerboa (APS) 1855 _s          ( x Hajlah (AP) 1840 bm)
			Shueyman (APS): 1868 gs
				Shueyma (AP) 1850 _m          
		Bint Jamila (APS): 1881 gm
				Gharran (APS) 1850 _s         ( x Hajlah (AP) 1840 bm)
			Jamila (APS): 1860 gm
				Samha (AP) 1850 _m            
Feyda (BLT): 1910 bm
				Sueyd (AP) 1850 gs            
			Sottam (APS): 1860 gs
				Shalfa (AP) 1850 gm           
		Ibn Nura (APS): 1876 gs

			Bint Nura (APS): 1870 _m
				Nura El Kebira (APS) 1850 gm  
	Ghazieh (APS): 1897 bm
				Harkan (AP) 1855 gs           (Zobeyni (AP) 1840 gs x Harka (AP) 1845 _m)
			Aziz (APS): 1876 cs
				Aziza (APS) 1868 gm           (Samhan (AP) 1850 _s x Bint Faras Naqadan (APS) 1860 _m)
		Bint Horra (APS): 1889 gm
				Zobeyni (AP) 1840 gs          
			Horra (APS): 1870 gm
				Ghazieh (AP) 1850 gm          

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1927 bs Ibn Fayda (KAD) (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Feyda (BLT)) 1934 gs El Moez (INS) (Ibn Fayda (KAD) x Bint Zareefa (KAD)) 1941 gm Ghazala I (INS) [ 3] (El Moez (INS) x El Zahraa (INS)) 1943 bm Rateeba (INS) [ 2] (El Moez (INS) x Ragaa (INS)) 1944 bm Yaman (INS) [ 1] (El Moez (INS) x Yaquota (RAS)) 1945 gs Sameh (INS) [25] (El Moez (INS) x Samira (INS)) 1946 gm Shahd (INS) [ 1] (El Moez (INS) x Shams (INS)) 1937 gs Adham (INS) (Ibn Fayda (KAD) x Zahra (MNL)) 1945 gm Ragha (INS) [ 1] (Adham (INS) x Ragaa (INS)) 1948 bs Abboud (INS) [ 2] (Adham (INS) x Obeya (INS)) 1951 gm Zabia (INS) [ 4] (Adham (INS) x Ghazala I (INS)) 1938 bm Aziza (INS) (Ibn Fayda (KAD) x El Kahila (INS)) 1943 bs Ezzat (INS) [ 6] (El Belbesi (INS) x Aziza (INS))

Total descendants 25327
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   3
 3,   9
 4,  39
 5, 284
12, 236
13,  38
14,   1
Descendants by year
 1920-9,   1 
 1930-9,   3 
 1940-9,  13 
 1950-9,  15 
 1960-9,  83 
 1970-9, 745 
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