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Halloul: 1924 bm
1924 bm 000821 AHR
Breeder: Mrs. John G. Winant

Pedigree Note:
Carol Mulder (Arabian Horse World, September 1976, p69) hypothesized that the mares Petra 822 (who had no registered progeny) and Halloul 821 had their identities switched at the time of registration. Mrs. J.G. Winant owned the dams of both mares, Meleky 63 (a bay mare) and Sheria 110 (a grey mare), and bred them both to *Hamrah 28 (a bay stallion). Two fillies, Halloul (a bay) and Petra (a grey) were the result. Halloul was registered out of Sheria (the grey) and Petra was registered out of Meleky (the bay), both registrations done by a subsequent owner when Halloul and Petra were seven years old. Since it is considered genetically impossible for two non-grey parents to produce a grey, as in the case of Petra, Mrs. Mulder has suggested that the mares were switched as far as parentage is concerned by the later owner. Because there is no method of parentage verification that could be used at this late date, the hypothesis cannot be proven. Therefore, the registered pedigree for Halloul is followed in the Pedigree Index.

Tail Male: *Hamrah
Tail Female: *Urfah

Ancestral Elements
           Davenport, 100.0%

	*Hamrah: 1904 bs

		*Urfah: 1898 bm

Halloul: 1924 bm

		*Abbeian: 1889 gs

	Sheria: 1911 gm

		*Urfah: 1898 bm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1943 gs Marhaba (Kokhleson x Halloul) 1945 gs Ralf (Kokhleson x Halloul) 1962 bs Ibn Ralf (Ralf x Alaska) 1967 bm Belle [ 4] (Ibn Ralf x Prissy) 1967 cs Charles Fourth (Ibn Ralf x Tizzy) 1969 cm Cotton Candy [ 2] (Ibn Ralf x Tizzy) 1970 bm Bint Tizzy (Ibn Ralf x Tizzy) 1970 bm Miss Pitty Pat (Ibn Ralf x Prissy) 1963 bm Bint Ralf (Ralf x Alaska) 1968 gs Sur Rock (Sir x Bint Ralf) 1969 cs Kirkentilloch (Pericles x Bint Ralf) 1974 cm Reminisce [ 2] (Prince Hal x Bint Ralf) 1976 gm White Jade (Sir x Bint Ralf) 1979 gm Al Bayad Amira [ 5] (Lysander x Bint Ralf) 1981 cs Palisades CF [ 5] (Plantagenet x Bint Ralf) 1983 cs Black Prince UF [ 1] (Plantagenet x Bint Ralf) 1964 gs Fasha (Ralf x Alaska) 1965 cs Troliver (Ralf x Alaska)

Total descendants 48
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   4
 3,  12
 4,  19
 5,   8
 6,   1
 7,   2
Descendants by year
 1940-9,   2 
 1950-9,   0 
 1960-9,   9 
 1970-9,   7 
 1980-9,  15 
 1990-9,   3 
 2000-9,  12 
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