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Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB): 19235 bs
Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB)
19235 bs 43 ASBB

A Foundation Horse

A 1923-5 bay Kuhaylan Al Ziyah stallion imported in 1931 to Babolna by Col. Bogdan Zietarski (manager of Prince Sanguszko's Stud at Gumniska, Poland) and Carl Raswan.

By a Kuhaylan Abu Junub out of a Kuhaylah Al Ziyahah.

    NOTES: References: He was the sire of more than 20 foals that bred on to the present day, but only the progeny of his descendant, the mare 25-Amurath Sahib-2 (1952) at Babolna can be traced to all desert-bred stock. His last foals were born in 1944. References: Raswan Index #5415, Kwiatkowski, Fahlgren, Hecker.

Tail Male: Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB)

Ancestral Elements
              Europa, 100.0%

Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB): 19235 bs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1934 gm 207.Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB) (Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB) x 7.Mersuch I (BAB)) 1939 gs Siglavy Bagdady V (BAB) (Siglavy Bagdady IV (BAB) x 207.Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB)) 1946 gm *Sigleilan (Siglavy Bagdady V (BAB) x *240 Koheilan VIII-5) 1949 gs Siglavy Bagdady VI (BAB) [ 3](Siglavy Bagdady V (BAB) x 250.Kuhaylan Haifi I (BAB)) 1937 gm *231 Kuhaylan Zaid-8 (Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB) x 2.Mersuch I (BAB)) 1937 gm 221.Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB) (Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB) x 11.Siglavy Bagdady II (BAB)) 1952 gm 25.Amurath Sahib (BAB) (Amurath Sahib (POL) x 221.Kuhaylan Zaid (BAB)) 1967 gm 3.Siglavy Bagdady VI (BAB) (Siglavy Bagdady VI (BAB) x 25.Amurath Sahib (BAB))

Total descendants 12
Descendants by generation
 1,   3
 2,   2
 3,   3
 4,   2
 5,   2
Descendants by year
 1930-9,   4 
 1940-9,   2 
 1950-9,   1 
 1960-9,   1 
 1970-9,   2 
 1980-9,   1 
 1990-9,   1 
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