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Muniet El Nefous (KDV): 1875 bm
Muniet El Nefous (KDV)
1875 bm RAS-1.33

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Hamdaniyah Simriyah of Abbas Pasha descent in the stud of Ahmed Bey Sennari, Egypt. [Alternate spelling: Miniet El Neffous]

    NOTES: The above information is from the RAS History, p33, p88 and from the pedigree on p12a, which show Muniet El Nefous as "from horses of Abbas Pasha I," "Abbas Pasha I's Moniet el Nefous" and "a Hamdania Semria from Abbas Pasha I's stables."
    Lady Anne Blunt, in discussing Muniet El Nefous's granddaughter Mezna [J&C 11.27.1909], implies that Muniet was one of the "well known horses brought by E... from the desert to Sennari." However, this entry could be either written or transcribed in error, as it disagrees with Lady Anne's other journal and herd book entries.
    In Lady Anne's 1911 Sheykh Obeyd catalog entry for Mezna, Muniet El Nefous is described as "Bay Hamdanieh Simrieh, from Abbas Pasha I's stud..." and later [J&C 11.17.1915] she describes the same mare Mezna as carrying the Hamdani Simri strain "of Abbas descent." In one entry [J&C 2.22.1905] she describes Muniet El Nefous as being a "sister to Sobha." Raswan Index entry #6805 says that Muniet El Nefous was herself bred by Abbas Pasha.
    All of these references to being from Abbas Pasha's stud do not apparently apply literally, as Abbas Pasha died in 1854 and his stud was dispersed in 1861, and Lady Anne Blunt [J&C] reported seeing Muniet El Nefous with a new foal on 3.11.1891. It is more likely that the references mean that the bloodline was from the Abbas Pasha stud. [See Selma (AP)]

Tail Female: Muniet El Nefous (KDV)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Muniet El Nefous (KDV): 1875 bm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1891 cs El Sennari (KDV) (Koheilan El Mossen (KDV) x Muniet El Nefous (KDV)) 1900 cm Gamila (KDV) (El Sennari (KDV) x Hadba (KDV)) 1911 gm Bint Gamila (KDV) [ 2] (Ibn Nadra (KDV) x Gamila (KDV)) 1902 cm Freiha (KDV) (El Sennari (KDV) x Gazza (KDV)) 1913 bs Bark (MNL) [ 1] (Mashkour (APK) x Freiha (KDV)) 1905 gs Ibn Nadra (KDV) (El Sennari (KDV) x Nadra El Kebira (KDV)) 1911 gm Bint Gamila (KDV) [ 2] (Ibn Nadra (KDV) x Gamila (KDV))

Total descendants 41148
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   3
 3,   2
 4,   3
 5,  18
 6, 122
 7, 503
17, 413
18,  49
19,   5
Descendants by year
 1890-9,   1 
 1900-9,   3 
 1910-9,   4 
 1920-9,   7 
 1930-9,  47 
 1940-9, 159 
 1950-9, 331 
 1960-9, 897 
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