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Nasr (APS): 1886 bs
Nasr (APS)
1886 bs RASp-*Bint Bint Sabbah
Breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Dahman Shahwan of the marbat of al-Najib.

    NOTES: The 1932 certified pedigree for *Bint Bint Sabbah from the Royal Agricultural Society describes Nasr as by Aziz and out of Bint Azz, both Dahman Shahwan by strain, making him a double grandson of Talqah (AP). Lady Anne Blunt [J&C 1/30/1906] describes Nasr as sire of Kasida, saying he was a bay with a perfect head.
    A sales list of Ali Pasha Sharif horses by Mr. Paul Flemotomo, dated 1/1889, referenced by Lady Anne [J&C, 1/15/1889], published in facsimile in Archer, et al. [81] and translated [Al-Dahdah, 2005] lists a bay two-year-old stallion by Aziz out of the daughter of Azz (named Mumtaza). Wilfrid Blunt's comments, added to this list by Lady Anne, indicate that this horse had a particularly fine head. It is possible that this is the same horse as Nasr (APS). If so, it is possible that the name Mumtaza was applied to the mare otherwise known as Bint Azz, or daughter of Azz, or it might mean that Nasr was out of a different daughter of Azz, not necessarily the same mare which was the dam of the Blunt mare, Bint Bint Azz. Raswan Index entry #7201 shows Nasr only as a bay Dahman Shahwan of Ali Pasha Sharif, but entry #7209 for "Nasrat" shows a birthdate of 1885 and gives sire and dam as Aziz and Bint Azz, thus paralleling the *Bint Bint Sabbah pedigree.

Tail Male: Zobeyni (AP)
Tail Female: Talqah (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

			Zobeyni (AP): 1840 gs

		Harkan (AP): 1855 gs

			Harka (AP): 1845 _m

	Aziz (APS): 1876 cs

			Samhan (AP): 1850 _s

		Aziza (APS): 1868 gm
				Zobeyni (AP) 1840 gs          
			Bint Faras Naqadan (APS): 1860 _m
				Talqah (AP) 1840 gm           
Nasr (APS): 1886 bs

			Zobeyni (AP): 1840 gs

		Wazir (APS): 1863 gs

			Ghazieh (AP): 1850 gm

	Bint Azz (APS): 1880 gm

		Azz (APS): 1860 _m

			Talqah (AP): 1840 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1891 cm Kasida (APS) (Nasr (APS) x Makbula (APS)) 1898 cm Jalmuda (BLT) (Mameluke (GSB) x Kasida (APS)) 1901 cm Kantara (BLT) (Mameluke (GSB) x Kasida (APS)) 1911 cm *Kerbela (Feysul (APS) x Kantara (BLT)) 1905 bm *Kasima (Narkise (BLT) x Kasida (APS)) 1916 bs Kazmeen (BLT) [ 4] (Sotamm (BLT) x *Kasima) 1920 cs Karam (*Abu Zeyd x *Kasima) 1908 bs *Jahil (*Berk x Kasida (APS)) 1913 bm Matina [ 1] (*Jahil x Nanda) 1918 cs Jabberwok (*Jahil x Gulnare) 1918 bm Nitchevo (*Jahil x Narina) 1919 gm Nehid (*Jahil x Onrust) 1919 cs Rahib (*Jahil x *Rosetta)

Total descendants 39605
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   4
 3,   8
 4,   5
 5,  13
 6, 114
 7, 499
16, 363
17,  25
18,   1
Descendants by year
 1890-9,   2 
 1900-9,   3 
 1910-9,   8 
 1920-9,   6 
 1930-9,  13 
 1940-9,  56 
 1950-9, 228 
 1960-9, 690 
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