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Rabda (APK): 1880 _m
Rabda (APK)
1880 _m RAS-1.41

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Kuhaylat 'Ajuz al-Rabdah (or Kuhaylah Rabdah) from Arabia, imported c1890 to Egypt by the 'aqayl Ibn Bassam of Buraydah in al-Qasim area. In the stud of Prince Ahmad Pasha Kamal, Egypt. Also called Rabda Koheila.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the dates, which are Al Khamsa estimates) is put together from information from the RAS History, pedigrees which accompanied the 1932 Babson and Brown importations from Egypt to the USA and from Lady Anne Blunt. According to the RAS History, p41, Rabda was a "Koheila Rabda-Koheilet Ajouz, Prince Mohamed Ali's Breed." The 1932 certified pedigree for *Nasr from Prince Mohamed Aly's Manial Stud says she was "el Ajuz" from the stud of Prince Ahmad Pasha Kamal. In the 1932 pedigree for *Fadl of the same year and from the same stud, her strain is shown as "Rabda."
    Lady Anne Blunt's 1909 Sheykh Obeyd catalog entry for Sabáh describes Rabda as "the original mare Kehileh Rabdieh brought from Arabia by Ibn Bassam..." According to the Abbas Pasha manuscript [1993, p615] "...she is Kuhayla 'Ajuz. And the reason for her being named Rabda is that her original ra'i, who is of the first ones who have no peers, while riding her felled a rabda [wild ostrich]..."
    According to Raswan Index entry #7944, Rabda was a Kuhaylat Ajuz, bred by Prince Ahmad out of a desert-bred Kuhaylat Ajuz of the Shammar brought to Egypt for Abbas Pasha and sired by Khuzam, a sorrel incest-bred Rabdan Khashiban stallion, both parents out of Rabdah, a mare bred by Abbas Pasha from ancestors imported at the time of Abbas' father Toussun (died 1816). In a private letter to Dr. J.L. Doyle, Raswan gives approximate dates for the horses in this line as follows: Rabda 1880, Khuzam 1869, the dam of Khuzam in 1856, and Rabdah 1848. This is in contradiction to Lady Anne Blunt's records. Concerning the "Kehileh Rabdieh" strain information, Raswan in other material describes the Rabdan strain as one of the ancient strains, not a substrain of the Kuhaylan.

Tail Female: Rabda (APK)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Rabda (APK): 1880 _m

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1897 gs Rabdan El Azrak (APK) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Rabda (APK)) 1903 gm Dalal Al Zarka (APK) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Om Dalal (APK)) 1912 gs Gamil Manial (MNL) [ 6] (Saklawi II (KDV) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1920 _m Ghazala (MNL) [ 1] (Kawkab (MNL) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1920 _m Mahbouba (MNL) [ 1] (Bark (MNL) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1925 cm Khafifa (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Samhan (RAS) x Dalal Al Zarka (APK)) 1905 _m Nafaa El Kebira (APK) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Donia (APK)) 1910 gm Nafaa El Saghira (APK) [ 3] (Sabbah (APK) x Nafaa El Kebira (APK)) 1905 cs Samhan (APK) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Om Dalal (APK)) 1910 cm Nadra El Saghira (MNL) [ 1] (Samhan (APK) x Nadra El Kebira (KDV)) 1918 cm Samiha (RAS) [ 1] (Samhan (APK) x Bint Hadba El Saghira (KDV)) 1919 cs Ibn Samhan (RAS) [ 5] (Samhan (APK) x Nafaa El Saghira (APK)) 1914 cs Hadban (MNL) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Tarfa (APK)) 1920 cm Bint Dalal (KAD) [ 2] (Hadban (MNL) x Dalal Al Hamra (BLT)) 1926 gm Bint Zareefa (KAD) [ 2] (Hadban (MNL) x Zareefa (BLT)) 1917 cs Ibn Rabdan (RAS) (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Bint Gamila (KDV)) 1923 cs *Ibn Nafa [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Nafaa El Saghira (APK)) 1926 cm Bint Bint Dalal (KAD) [ 2] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Dalal (KAD)) 1927 bs Ibn Fayda (KAD) [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Feyda (BLT)) 1929 bm Hind (RAS) [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Rustem (RAS)) 1929 cm Layla (RAS) [ 2] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Sabah (RAS)) 1930 cm *Bint Bint Durra [ 6] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Durra (RAS)) 1930 gs *Fadl [50] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1931 gm *Maaroufa [17] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1931 gm El Yatima (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1931 gs Shahloul (RAS) [ 8] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1934 bm Badia (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Zareefa (RAS)) 1935 gm Samira (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1936 gs Hamdan (RAS) [17] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1938 cm Ragia (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Farida (MNL)) 1939 bm Salwa (RAS) [ 3] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Bint Rustem (RAS)) 1918 gs *Nasr (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1928 gs Ibn Manial (RAS) [ 1] (*Nasr x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1929 gm *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida [ 5]=,H@oSd(*Nasr x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1935 bm Banna [ 5] (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1935 gs Jellaby (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1935 bs Najadur (*Nasr x Jadura) 1936 gm Croisedore [ 3] (*Nasr x *Aire) 1936 cs Ibn Manial (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1936 gm Mamar (*Nasr x Larkspur) 1937 gs Abyad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1937 gs Bady (*Nasr x Bismillah) 1937 gm Jellabiet (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1937 bs Na Hoarka (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1937 gm Sunbul (*Nasr x Samarkand) 1937 gs Tom-Itnen (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1937 gs Tom-Wahid (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1938 gs Asad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1938 gm Brasileira (*Nasr x *Aire) 1938 cs Hishan (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1938 gs Rodasr [ 1] (*Nasr x *Roda) 1938 bs Warys (*Nasr x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1939 gs Hammurabi (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1939 gs Sirecho [30] (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1946 gm Rulyna (*Nasr x Rabbani) 1947 gm Bint Nasr (*Nasr x Rabbani) 1932 gs *Silver Yew (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x *Aziza)

Total descendants 41499
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   7
 3,  49
 4, 165
 5, 533
 6, 821
16, 611
17,  75
18,   4
Descendants by year
 1890-9,   1 
 1900-9,   3 
 1910-9,   8 
 1920-9,  24 
 1930-9,  93 
 1940-9, 217 
 1950-9, 388 
 1960-9, 949 
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