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Rabiaa (INS): 1951 cm
Rabiaa (INS)
1951 cm 3.138 EAO
Breeder: Inshass Stud

Pedigree Note:
Three horses are shown in the Inshass Original Herd Book as sired by Besheer (variant spellings Beshir/Bisheir/Bishir/Bashier/Bashir, etc.) with no further information. The Inshass Stud had two stallions named "Besheer." They were both chestnut, foaled in 1935 and 1936 respectively.
    The first was bred at Inshass and is shown in the IOHB as a foal under his dam's entry, as a 3/27/36 chestnut stallion by El Zafir (INS) out of Thouraya (INS). Since Beshier has no entry of his own in the IOHB, no foals are shown as sired by him in that herd book. DataSource, of the Arabian Horse Association, currently shows this Beshier as the sire of the three 1951 foals by "Besheer" in IOHB.
    The second, normally called Besheir El Ashkar, was a gift to Inshass from Basharat Bey of Jordan along with Badria (INS) and another mare. Besheir El Ashkar has his own entry in the IOHB, which shows him as a chestnut stallion foaled 3/26/35 and received as a gift 3/26/48. The use of the received date as the foaling date was standard. Only one foal is shown in the IOHB as by "Basheer El Ashkar": the stallion Badr (INS) out of Badria (INS). [See Besheir El Ashkar (INS)]
    Of the three horses shown as sired by "Besheer," two-the mares Mahmouda (INS) and Rabiaa (INS)-have descendants in the USA which are eligible for the Al Khamsa Roster. Pedigrees for these two mares in various stud books have shown alternatively one stallion or the other as sire. Al Khamsa, Inc. considers it more likely that the Inshass Stud would have used a stallion within two years of receipt than that Inshass would have kept a stallion for 15 years without use on an individual entry in the herd book.
    However, both could be by either stallion or both stallions could be represented. These two mares and their otherwise eligible descendants are included in this volume with a footnote to this reference by the name of both mares and all descendants.
    While Rabiaa (INS)'s Ancestral Elements are a combination of Inshass and Egypt I, the actual percentage of each Ancestral Element depends on which stallion is the sire. In the pedigree of Rabiaa (INS) and all of her descendants, this is shown by an Ancestral Element "Inshass or Egypt I". If Besheir El Ashkar (INS) is the sire, the "Inshass or Egypt I" percentage contributes to the Inshass Ancestral Element. If Besheir (INS) is the sire, the "Inshass or Egypt I" percentage contributes to the Egypt I Ancestral Element percentage.

Tail Female: Roga El Beda (APS)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I,  43.75%
             Inshass,  18.75%
  Inshass or Egypt I,  37.5%

	Besheir El Askar (INS) 1935 cs or Beshier (INS): 1936 cs
Rabiaa (INS): 1951 cm{1}
				Ibn Rabdan (RAS) 1917 cs	(Rabdan El Azrak (APK) 1897 gs x Bint Gamila (KDV) 1911 gm)
			Ibn Fayda (KAD): 1927 bs
				Feyda (BLT) 1910 bm	(Jamil (APS) 1896 cs x Ghazieh (APS) 1897 bm)
		El Moez (INS): 1934 gs
				Hadban (MNL) 1914 cs	(Rabdan El Azrak (APK) 1897 gs x Tarfa (APK) c.1900 cm)
			Bint Zareefa (KAD): 1926 gm
				Zareefa (BLT) 1911 gm	(Sahab (APS) 1903 gs x Ghadia (BLT) 1904 gm)
	Rateeba (INS): 1943 bm
				Jamil (APS) 1896 cs	(Aziz (APS) c.1876 cs x Bint Jamila (APS) 1881 gm)
			Rasheed (BLT): 1917 gs
				Zareefa (BLT) 1911 gm	(Sahab (APS) 1903 gs x Ghadia (BLT) 1904 gm)
		Ragaa (INS): 1937 cm
				El Deree (INS) c.1920 gs	
			Saada (INS): 1931 gm
				Ghazala (MNL) c.1920 _m	(Kawkab (MNL) 1910 cs x Dalal Al Zarka (APK) 1903 gm)

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1966 bm *Aminaa (Ibn Maisa (EAO) x Rabiaa (INS)) 1970 bs Hilal (ABS) (Nader (EAO) x *Aminaa) 1977 gm *Akulah [ 8] (Hilal (ABS) x Adam Kheir (ABS)) 1977 cm Aminah GASB [ 5] (Hilal (ABS) x Abeer (ABS)) 1977 gm Aribah [ 7] (Hilal (ABS) x El Arousa (ABS)) 1977 cm Bint Bassama (GER) [ 1] (Hilal (ABS) x Bassama EAO) 1977 bm Bint Garia (GER) [ 1] (Hilal (ABS) x El Garia) 1977 cm Rashida (GER) [ 2] (Hilal (ABS) x Rasha (ABS)) 1979 cm *Bint Adam Kheir [ 3] (Hilal (ABS) x Adam Kheir (ABS)) 1979 bm Gamal GASB [ 7] (Hilal (ABS) x El Garia) 1980 cm Bint Bint Basima [ 6] (Hilal (ABS) x Bassama EAO) 1981 bm *E H Aisha [ 4] (Hilal (ABS) x Al Gasoorah) 1981 bs *E H Akram [ 4] (Hilal (ABS) x Amira GASB) 1981 gm *E H Anisa [ 3] (Hilal (ABS) x El Arousa (ABS)) 1981 bm EH Bakreia [ 3] (Hilal (ABS) x Bassama EAO) 1982 bm *EH Andirah [ 2] (Hilal (ABS) x Amira GASB) 1984 cm EH Atfa [ 5] (Hilal (ABS) x Abeer (ABS)) 1984 cm EH Bahimah [ 4] (Hilal (ABS) x Bassama EAO) 1984 bm EH Ghorabah [ 4] (Hilal (ABS) x Gharibah GASB) 1985 cm EH Badrah [ 1] (Hilal (ABS) x Bassama EAO) 1985 bm EH Ghorra [ 3] (Hilal (ABS) x Gharibah GASB) 1985 bm ET Nahima [ 2] (Hilal (ABS) x Nadschma) 1986 bm Allat El Gun [ 1] (Hilal (ABS) x EH Ghandurah (GER)) 1986 bm EH Ghorees [ 3] (Hilal (ABS) x Gharibah GASB) 1987 bs EH Ghandour Ibn Hilal (Hilal (ABS) x Gharibah GASB) 1972 bm *Samiaa (Kayed (EAO) x *Aminaa) 1980 bm Anisa Moniet [ 5] (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous x *Samiaa) 1981 bm Malikaa Al Jamaal [ 2] (Almileegy x *Samiaa) 1982 gm Zahara Sasha (AK Shah Moniet x *Samiaa) 1983 gm Zahara Shariah [ 5] (Ansata Omar Halim x *Samiaa) 1984 gm Rakahssa [ 1] (Ansata Omar Halim x *Samiaa) 1988 gm Samheeta [ 3] (Ramses Maris x *Samiaa) 1974 bm *Amalaa (Mowaffac (EAO) x *Aminaa) 1978 gm IES Ammourah [ 3] (Ibn Morafic x *Amalaa) 1980 cm Imperial Imalaa [ 5] (Ansata Imperial x *Amalaa) 1981 cm Imperial Intaada [ 5] (Ansata Imperial x *Amalaa) 1982 bs Imperial Im Jasim [ 6] (Ansata Imperial x *Amalaa) 1983 bm Imperial Imalana [ 1] (Ansata Imperial x *Amalaa) 1987 gm Samalaa [ 3] (Imperial Madheen x *Amalaa) 1988 bm Venturia (Imperial Madheen x *Amalaa) 1996 gm Naddalaa (Naddouma x *Amalaa) 1975 gs *Moushir (Mubark x *Aminaa) 1979 gs El Akhir (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous x *Aminaa) 1980 gm Bint Aminaa (*Ibn Moniet El Nefous x *Aminaa) 1984 gs Damin (TheEgyptianPrince x Bint Aminaa) 1985 gs Ramin (TheEgyptianPrince x Bint Aminaa) 1986 gm Lilla Aminaa [ 1] (TheEgyptianPrince x Bint Aminaa) 1994 gm Dorian Aminaa [ 1] (BKA Imeer x Bint Aminaa) 1995 gm Imeers Mirage (BKA Imeer x Bint Aminaa) 1981 ks Madaawi (TheEgyptianPrince x *Aminaa) 1983 bm Halabi (AK Shah Moniet x *Aminaa) 1990 ks Baraka Zouheir [17] (AK El Hassan x Halabi) 1991 bm Baraka Halabia [ 2] (AK El Hassan x Halabi) 1992 cm Baraka Tasminaa (AK El Hassan x Halabi) 1994 ks Baraka Masquerade (AK Juhaan x Halabi) 1995 bm Baraka Juhaabi (AK Juhaan x Halabi) 1996 bs Zaminn (Moniet El Zarife x Halabi) 1997 ks AOF Comet (Moniet El Zarife x Halabi) 1998 bs Shah Azimm (Ali Azimm x Halabi) 2003 bm Ali Aminaa (Ali Azimm x Halabi) 2005 bs Ibn Halabi (Ali Azimm x Halabi) 1985 bm CT Talina (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa) 1992 bm Alyshandra (The Minstril x CT Talina) 1993 cs Talmin (The Minstril x CT Talina) 1994 cm Desalina [ 3] (Thee Desperado x CT Talina) 2001 cm Bint Bint Aminaa [ 1] (Thee Asil x CT Talina) 2002 bm Bint Talina (Thee Infidel x CT Talina) 1987 bs AK Ibn Hassan (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa) 1992 bm Ha Hanah (AK Ibn Hassan x Ra Nassara) 1996 bm Irony (AK Ibn Hassan x SF Bint Kahraba) 1988 bs AK Hassan Bay (AK El Hassan x *Aminaa) 1993 bm Ravenwood Quasi B (AK Hassan Bay x Ravenwood Hassana)

Total descendants 540
Descendants by generation 1, 1 2, 11 3, 60 4, 143 5, 173 6, 101 7, 48 8, 3 Descendants by year 1960-9, 1 1970-9, 14 1980-9, 115 1990-9, 229 2000-9, 181

1: See Rabiaa (INS): Alternate Sire
Fri Feb 15 2008 HE