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Samhan (AP): 1850 _s
Samhan (AP)
1850 _s KADp-*Bint Serra I

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

In the stud of Abbas Pasha, Egypt.

    NOTES: This horse occurs by name only, as the sire of Aziza (APS) in the 1932 certified pedigree for *Bint Bint Serra I from the stud of Prince Kamal al-Din.
    Raswan Index entries #7880, 9060, 10656 and 10841 describe Samhan as follows: bred by Abbas Pasha, sired by Qumiz [a c1850 Samhan Hafi stallion of Ibn Rumayyis of the Muntafiq, given to Ibn Mubarak Ibn Subah Al Khalifah of Kuwait and imported prior to 1855 to Egypt for Abbas Pasha; Qumiz also called al-Qumiz; by Shalul, a Samhan of Ibn Hammadi by a Samhan and out of Zahra, a Samhah of the Muntafiq by a Samhan] and out of Udayha [a c1850 Dahmah Shahwaniyah mare in the stud of Abbas Pasha, Egypt--Udayha also called Wudi'ha; by a Dahman Shahwan al-Najib of the Mutayr out of Wadihah].
    In a pedigree extension, Wadihah is described as follows: a c1845 grey Dahmah Shahwaniyah mare bred by 'Ata Ibn Faysal al-Imam (Faysal Ibn Turki Ibn Sa'ud) and imported prior to 1855 to Egypt for Abbas Pasha. Sired by a Kuhaylan al-Tariqi of the 'Ajman and out of Talqah (AP), the mare of 'Abd Allah Ibn Naqadan of the 'Ajman. All circa dates are Al Khamsa estimates. The rest of the above information is from the Raswan Index.
    A mare named Wadihah is described in the Abbas Pasha Manuscript [1993, p252] as a grey Dahmah Shahwaniyah mare bred by 'Abd Allah Ibn Naqadan, Shaykh of al-Murrah; presented to Faysal Ibn Turki Ibn Sa'ud, the Imam; imported to Egypt by 1853 for Abbas Pasha; by Kuhaylan al-Turayfi [by a Dahman-Shahwan of the marbat of al-Najib of the horses of al Khalifah] and out of the mare of Ibn Naqadan [Talqah (AP)].
    A mare named Wadihah of this description is also shown in his translation of the Abbas Pasha manuscript by Prince Mohamed Aly [1935, part 2, p91]. [See also Talqah (AP)], which addresses the tribal affiliation confusion for Ibn Naqadan.]

Tail Male: Samhan (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Samhan (AP): 1850 _s

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1868 gm Aziza (APS) (Samhan (AP) x Bint Faras Naqadan (APS)) 1876 cs Aziz (APS) (Harkan (AP) x Aziza (APS)) 1880 cm Johara (APS) (Aziz (APS) x Aziza (APS)) 1885 cm Bint Nura (BLT) [ 3] (Aziz (APS) x Bint Nura (APS)) 1886 bs Nasr (APS) [ 1] (Aziz (APS) x Bint Azz (APS)) 1887 gm Bint Helwa (APS) [ 7] (Aziz (APS) x Helwa (APS)) 1887 cs Mesaoud (APS) [15] (Aziz (APS) x Yemameh (APS)) 1889 gm Bint Horra (APS) [ 1] (Aziz (APS) x Horra (APS)) 1896 cs Jamil (APS) [ 4] (Aziz (APS) x Bint Jamila (APS)) 1880 cm Johara (APS) (Aziz (APS) x Aziza (APS))

Total descendants 41623
Note that descendant count was effected by 1 flagged horses, see footnotes
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   2
 3,   6
 4,  28
 5, 102
 6, 118
 7, 195
 8, 351
 9, 611
18, 111
19,  20
20,   2
Descendants by year
 1860-9,   1 
 1870-9,   1 
 1880-9,   6 
 1890-9,  15 
 1900-9,  47 
 1910-9, 104 
 1920-9, 140 
 1930-9, 335 
 1940-9, 598 
 1950-9, 547 
 1960-9, 926 

1: See Domow: mtDNA Ineritance & Color Inheritance.
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