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Selma (AP): 1850 _m
Selma (AP)
1850 _m RASp-1.12a

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Hamdaniyah Simriyah in the stud of Abbas Pasha, Egypt, and purchased by Mahmud Bey.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the birthdate, which is an Al Khamsa estimate, and the transfer to Mahmud Bey) is from the pedigree on p12a of the RAS History. Lady Anne Blunt [J&C 4.11.1890] gives the history of the sale of Selma to Mahmud Bey, a Circassian groom for the Sharif Pasha family and later given the title of Bey. [See under Circassian, p15]
    Lady Anne [J&C 3.7.1891] attributes the sale of Selma to Mahmud Bey to a sale of Abbas Pasha stock by Ismail Pasha, which she believed to have taken place c1878. (A cousin of Abbas Pasha, Ismail Pasha became Khedive of Egypt in 1863. He was also father of Prince Ahmad Pasha Kamal and grandfather of Khedive (later Viceroy) Abbas Pasha Hilmi [Abbas II] and Prince Mohamed Aly.) Entry #9289 in the Raswan Index quotes the Lady Anne Blunt material, but dates Ismail Pasha's sale as 1865. Colin Pearson [1988, pXXXIII] dates Ismail Pasha's sale to 1878, apparently quoting the Blunt journal entry. The only auction of Abbas Pasha stock that Al Khamsa can document took place beginning in December of 1860. This was the estate sale of Abbas Pasha's son, al-Hami Pasha, described in detail by von Hugel [pp78-86].
    Selma's daughter Sobha was said to be foaled in 1879, which would make Selma at least 25 at the time of the birth if she was foaled prior to Abbas Pasha's death in 1854. It is likely, however, that horses born between the time of Abbas Pasha's death and later sales of his stock were considered as from "the stud of Abbas Pasha."
[See also Muniet El Nefous (KDV)]

Tail Female: Selma (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Selma (AP): 1850 _m

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1879 gm Sobha (APS) (Wazir (APS) x Selma (AP)) 1894 gm Selma (BLT) (Ahmar (BLT) x Sobha (APS)) 1903 bm Simrieh (BLT) [ 1] (Seyal (BLT) x Selma (BLT)) 1910 bs Sotamm (BLT) [ 3] (*Astraled x Selma (BLT)) 1896 gm Siwa (BLT) (Ahmar (BLT) x Sobha (APS)) 1910 bm Sarama (BLT) [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Siwa (BLT)) 1897 gs Seyal (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Sobha (APS)) 1903 bs *Berk [ 9] (Seyal (BLT) x Bukra (BLT)) 1903 bm Simrieh (BLT) [ 1] (Seyal (BLT) x Selma (BLT)) 1904 bm *Butheyna [ 5] (Seyal (BLT) x Feluka (BLT))

Total descendants 40662
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   3
 3,   5
 4,  19
 5, 105
 6, 322
 7, 477
 8, 881
17, 362
18,  25
19,   1
Descendants by year
 1870-9,   1 
 1880-9,   0 
 1890-9,   3 
 1900-9,   4 
 1910-9,  20 
 1920-9,  29 
 1930-9, 127 
 1940-9, 313 
 1950-9, 430 
 1960-9, 889 
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