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Talqah (AP): 1840 gm
Talqah (AP)
1840 gm Sherif/Forbis.249-52

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Dahmah Shahwaniyah bred by 'Abd Allah Ibn Khalifah of Bahrain. Acquired by 'Abd Allah Ibn Naqadan, Shaykh of al-Murrah, from 'Isa Ibn Turayf (Shaykh of Bani 'Ali and at one time Governor of Qatar for Ibn Khalifah) after Ibn Turayf's death in 1847. Imported to Egypt by 1853 for Abbas Pasha. Also called Faras Naqadan, or the mare of Naqadan.

By Ibn Um Soura (by a Kuhaylan Jallabi by a Kuhaylan Zuayr), the stallion of Mubarak al Khalifah, out of Sa'idah, a chestnut mare by a chestnut Kuhaylan Jallabi by the Kuhaylan Ajuz of Ibn 'Umar of the Bani Hajar of the Qahtan.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the dates, which are Al Khamsa estimates), which appears to describe the Al Khamsa Foundation Horse called Talqah, is from Sherif/Forbis [1993, pp249-252]. The pedigree for Talqah's dam is extended as follows: Sa'idah was a chestnut mare out of a chestnut mare by the Kuhaylan Jallabi (by the Kuhaylan Zuayr) out of a chestnut Dahmah Shahwaniyah mare of Faraj of al-Kunayhir of al-Hubaysh of al-'Ajman. [See also Hajlah (AP)]
    The Dahmah Shahwaniyah mare of "Abdallah Ibn Naqaran" is referenced as the dam of Wadihah (Dahmah) by Prince Mohamed Aly [part 2, p91].
    Archer, et al. [1978, p101], in material said to be taken from herd book entries by Lady Anne Blunt, describes Talqah as "the mare of Ibn Nakadan of the Ajman tribe, a Dahmeh Shahwanieh from the stud of Feysul Ibn Turki, then Amir of Riad, but originally from Ibn Khalifeh of Bahreyn (who had obtained her from Ibn Nakadan of the Ajman)."
    The identification of the mare of Ibn Naqadan with the name of Talqah is in Raswan Index entry #10315, which, along with entry #10841, agrees with the Blunt information. Entry #7138 shows Ibn Naqadan as a member of al-Murrah, in agreement with the Abbas Pasha manuscript. Entry #7139 shows Ibn Naqadan as a member of the 'Ajman, in agreement with the Blunt information. [See under Samhan (AP) re. Wadihah (Dahmah)]

Tail Female: Talqah (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Talqah (AP): 1840 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1860 _m Azz (APS) 1880 gm Bint Azz (APS) (Wazir (APS) x Azz (APS)) 1886 bs Nasr (APS) [ 1] (Aziz (APS) x Bint Azz (APS)) 1895 gm Bint Bint Azz (APS) [ 1] (Ibn Nura (APS) x Bint Azz (APS)) 1860 _m Bint Faras Naqadan (APS) (Zobeyni (AP) x Talqah (AP)) 1868 gm Aziza (APS) (Samhan (AP) x Bint Faras Naqadan (APS)) 1876 cs Aziz (APS) [ 7] (Harkan (AP) x Aziza (APS)) 1880 cm Johara (APS) (Aziz (APS) x Aziza (APS))

Total descendants 41627
Note that descendant count was effected by 1 flagged horses, see footnotes
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   2
 3,   4
 4,   7
 5,  33
 6, 106
 7, 126
 8, 322
 9, 624
19, 362
20,  25
21,   1
Descendants by year
 1860-9,   3 
 1870-9,   1 
 1880-9,   7 
 1890-9,  16 
 1900-9,  47 
 1910-9, 104 
 1920-9, 140 
 1930-9, 335 
 1940-9, 598 
 1950-9, 547 
 1960-9, 926 

1: See Domow: mtDNA Ineritance & Color Inheritance.
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