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Yataghan (GSB): 1867 cs
Yataghan (GSB)
1867 cs 13. 570 GSB

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Kuhaylan Jurayban bred by Shaykh Sulayman Ibn Mirshid of the Qumusah section of the Saba'ah tribe, selected by James H. Skene, H.M. Consul at Aleppo, for Arthur Sandeman and imported in 1874 to England by Sandeman.

By a Kuhaylan Khallawi out of a Kuhaylah Juraybah.

    NOTES: The above information is from the entry for Yataghan in Weatherby's General Stud Book Vol. XIII, p570.
    Raswan Index entry #11095 incorrectly quotes Weatherby's as showing Yataghan (GSB) as a Ma'naqi and full brother to Haidee (GSB). Haidee, also of this importation, was registered as by a Ma'naqi Hudruji out of a Ma'naqiyah Hudrujiyah of the marbat of Ibn Sbayyil. Raswan also says that Yataghan (GSB) and Haidee (GSB) were selected by then-Captain Roger D. Upton for Mr. Skene. The Raswan information appears to be based on the writing of Randolph Huntington-owner of *Naomi (Yataghan x Haidee)-who stated in correspondence that Yataghan and Haidee were full siblings chosen by Upton. Upton himself rules out the "full sibling" statement, as shown below.
    Upton made two trips to the desert: in late 1874 and again in early summer 1875, both times with Mr. Skene. The GSB shows the Skene/Sandeman importation-dated 1874-as a different importation from the Upton importation-dated 1875-of *Kesia I, among others, for the Hon. Henry Chaplin.
    It appears that the Sandeman and Chaplin horses should not be completely separated, however. The Sandeman entries in the GSB, in addition to Yataghan and Haidee, include a mare named Zuleika, who was by a Ma'naqi Hudruji out of a Ma'naqiyah Sbailiyah, the same as Haidee.
    An Upton letter is quoted by Rev. Francis Furse Vidal, who owned *Naomi in England, as follows: "I have tried to get a Managhi Hedrudj of the family of Ibn Sbeyel of the Gomussa tribe of the Sebaa Anezeh... I have succeeded and one of them is now in my stable. I had enquired at the same time about mares; and two have come of the same family. The four are as follows: No. 1, Chestnut stallion, 4 yrs. old, 14.2. His dam a Keheilet Jeabeh taken from the Heissa Anezeh, and his sire the famous Keheilan Hellawi of the Shammar tribe. No. 2. Pearl Grey stallion with black mane and black tail, tipped with white, 4 years old 14.2. His dam 'Managhi Hedrudj' of Ibn Sbeyel family of Gomussa Anezeh, and his sire of the same breed, now in the stud of the King of Italy. No. 3. Bay mare 5 years old 14.1 1/2. Same breed as No. 2, but dam and sire not the same. No. 4. Chestnut mare 4 years old 14.3. Same breed as No. 2 and 3, but dam and sire not the same...." [Emphasis is Al Khamsa's.] No. 1 corresponds to the GSB entry for Yataghan. No. 2 does not correspond with any entry in the GSB. No. 3 corresponds with the GSB entry for Zuleika. No. 4 corresponds with the GSB entry for Haidee.
    Vidal wrote to Huntington about the Sandeman importation: "Mrs. Upton cannot remember the date of the arrival-but she thinks it must have been in March or April 1875 or 1876. The latter date would tally with Naomi's age and with what Mr. Sandeman told me." (Both letters quoted by Thornton Chard: "From Needham Market to Oyster Bay," The Horse, May-June and July-August 1942 issues.) [See also Haidee (GSB) and Kesia I (GSB)] (See photo p223)
    (The birthdate shown in the GSB for *Naomi is 1877. Huntington claimed the mare to have been imported to England in-utero from the desert. This might have been possible. However, if the 1874-5 importation date shown in the GSB for her parents is correct, *Naomi would have been foaled in 1875-6 and the 1877 foaling date shown for her in the GSB would have been incorrect.)

Tail Male: Yataghan (GSB)

Ancestral Elements
          Huntington, 100.0%

Yataghan (GSB): 1867 cs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1877 cm *Naomi (Yataghan (GSB) x Haidee (GSB)) 1886 _m Kushdil (GSB) (Kars (BLT) x *Naomi) 1892 bs *Garaveen [10] (*Kismet x Kushdil (GSB)) 1888 cm *Nazli (Maidan (GSB) x *Naomi) 1891 cs *Nimr [ 5] (*Kismet x *Nazli) 1895 cm Naarah [ 4] (Anazeh x *Nazli) 1896 cs Naaman [ 4] (Anazeh x *Nazli) 1897 cm Nazlina [ 3] (Anazeh x *Nazli) 1899 cm Nazlita (Khaled x *Nazli) 1900 cm Nazlet [ 4] (Khaled x *Nazli) 1890 cs Anazeh (*Leopard x *Naomi) 1894 cs Nejd (Anazeh x *Naomi) 1895 cm Naarah [ 4] (Anazeh x *Nazli) 1896 cs Naaman [ 4] (Anazeh x *Nazli) 1897 cm Narkeesa [ 6] (Anazeh x *Naomi) 1897 cm Nazlina [ 3] (Anazeh x *Nazli) 1898 cm Naressa (Anazeh x *Naomi) 1900 cs Sabaah (Anazeh x *Shabaka) 1894 cs Nejd (Anazeh x *Naomi) 1895 cs Khaled (*Nimr x *Naomi) 1899 cm Nazlita (Khaled x *Nazli) 1900 cm Nazlet [ 4] (Khaled x *Nazli) 1903 cm Khaletta [ 4] (Khaled x Nazlina) 1904 cs Arab Prince (Khaled x Nazlina) 1905 cs Khaled III (Khaled x Naarah) 1907 cs Shahzaman (Khaled x *Shabaka) 1908 cs Sinbad [ 9] (Khaled x *Shabaka) 1914 cm Halima (Khaled x Nanda) 1916 cs Gemar (Khaled x Metoecia) 1916 cs Kahlaga (Khaled x *Shibine) 1917 cm Bilkees (Khaled x *Noam) 1917 cm Ferah (Khaled x Fahreddin) 1917 cm Halideh (Khaled x *Shibine) 1917 cs Melihah (Khaled x Nanda) 1917 cm Mirimah (Khaled x Matina) 1917 cm Salihah (Khaled x *Risalda) 1918 cm Fahyah (Khaled x Fahreddin) 1896 cm Naomi II (*Nimr x *Naomi) 1897 cm Narkeesa (Anazeh x *Naomi) 1908 bs Leucosia [ 1] (*Haleb x Narkeesa) 1911 bs Araby (*Hamrah x Narkeesa) 1914 cm Pacheco (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1915 cs El Sakab (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1916 cs El Sabok [15] (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1917 cm Leila [ 4] (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1898 cm Naressa (Anazeh x *Naomi)

Total descendants 2551
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   8
 3,   8
 4,  27
 5,  75
 6, 113
 7, 197
 8, 281
 9, 283
10, 267
11, 406
12, 443
13, 249
14, 137
15,  49
16,   6
17,   1
Descendants by year
 1870-9,   1 
 1880-9,   2 
 1890-9,  14 
 1900-9,  29 
 1910-9,  76 
 1920-9,  89 
 1930-9, 190 
 1940-9, 375 
 1950-9, 223 
 1960-9, 163 
 1970-9, 273 
 1980-9, 549 
 1990-9, 352 
 2000-9, 189 
 2010-9,  26 
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