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Yemama (APS): 1885 bm
Yemama (APS)
1885 bm Pearson.142-3
Breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Kuhaylat 'Ajuz of the marbat of Ibn Jallab (or Kuhaylah Jallabiyah), tracing to the horses of Ibn Khalifah, and bred by Ali Pasha Sharif, Egypt. Purchased from Ali Pasha Sharif by Muharram Pasha and purchased from him in March, 1892 by Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt. Given to al-Shafi'i al-Tahawi in 1906.

    NOTES: The above information is from Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunts' Sheykh Obeyd herd book [Pearson, 1988, pp142-3]. Lady Anne's 1909 Sheykh Obeyd catalog says, instead, that Yemama was sold back to Muharram Pasha.
    The entry for Ibn Yashmak (BLT) in Weatherby's General Stud Book, Vol. XX p.945, describes his graddam as "Yemama, stated to be an Abeyeh, a bay mare brought from a desert tribe through a Tiahah [Tahawi] Sheykh to Mohamed Thabit, Sheik of the Sualha tribe in the Sherikieh Province, for Ali Bey Shahin, son of Sabin Pasha, and purchased from him in 1892." In 1909, Lady Anne apparently wrote to Weatherby's saying that the information given with Ibn Yashmak was in error, that Muharram Pasha had visited Sheykh Obeyd and told her that the bay mare sold to them 17 years earlier had been his Yemama, a Jallabiyah he had purchased from Ali Pasha Sharif. This correction was published in GSB Vol. XXI p900. The relationship to Muhammad Thabit, Ali Beg Shahin or Sabin Pasha to Muharram Pasha is not explained.
    Yemama (APS) has traditionally been shown as the dam of Bint Yamama (KDV), Raswan Index entry #11071 being a case in point. However, it is now apparent that Yemama (APS) is not involved in Al Khamsa pedigrees except as the dam of Yashmak. The Sheykh Obeyd herd book, as referenced above, specifically says that Yemama (APS) was bred by Ali Pasha Sharif and sold by him directly to Muharram Pasha, who then sold the mare to the Blunts. No time is allowed, in the Sheykh Obeyd reference quoted, for transfer to Khedive Abbas II for production of Bint Yamama (KDV). Furthermore, current genetic research through mtDNA types eliminates the possibility of this traditional pedigree being correct. [See Bint Yamama (KDV)]
    (See photos pp179 and 224)

Tail Female: Yemama (APS)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

Yemama (APS): 1885 bm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1893 gm Yashmak (BLT) (*Shahwan x Yemama (APS)) 1902 cs Ibn Yashmak (BLT) (Feysul (APS) x Yashmak (BLT)) 1913 cm Amida (BLT) [ 2] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Ajramieh (BLT)) 1916 cm *Felestin [ 9] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Fejr (BLT)) 1916 cs *Nafia [ 7] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Nessima (BLT)) 1920 cm Bint Rissala (BLT) [ 3] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Risala (BLT))

Total descendants 29237
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   1
 3,   4
 4,  21
 5,  27
 6, 207
13, 920
14,  89
15,  16
16,   1
Descendants by year
 1890-9,   1 
 1900-9,   1 
 1910-9,   4 
 1920-9,  11 
 1930-9,  30 
 1940-9,  94 
 1950-9, 133 
 1960-9, 211 
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