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*Bint Shaams: 1956 gm
*Bint Shaams
1956 gm 069605 AHR
Breeder: EAO

Pedigree Note:
*Bint Shaams 69605 is shown in Arabian Horse Registry records and Al Khamsa Arabians (1983) as a 1956 grey mare, bred by the EAO in Egypt, imported in 1970 by Gleannloch, sired by El Sareei (RAS) and out of Shams (RAS). After AKA (1983) was published, a researcher in Australia noted that both El Sareei and Shams were bay. A grey offspring from two non-grey parents is considered incompatible with the principles of coat color inheritance.
    In a letter dated November 9, 1989, Ralph Clark, Registrar of the (then) Arabian Horse Registry, wrote, "The Registry is not planning to change or correct the pedigree of BINT SHAAMS #069605. Even though her color would be in conflict with the principles of color genetics, we did not believe we could resolve this case with factual certainty necessary for changing of the stud books or possible cancellation under the Registry's rules.... Since it has been 30-40 years since the mating took place and the recording of the information, it would be extremely difficult to do anything except postulate what might have occurred since none of the animals nor people involved are available to restate history."
    *Bint Shaams 69605 is shown according to her pedigree of registration. A Pedigree Note reference is included by her name directing attention to this entry under the title "Color Inheritance." A footnote symbol is placed by the names of all her descendants.
    (Also see Genetic Research & Parentage Exclusions, p279)

Tail Male: Jamil El Kebir (APK)
Tail Female: Venus (KDV)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I,  59.4%
            Egypt II,  25.0%
               Blunt,  15.6%

				Rabdan El Azrak (APK) 1897 gs (Dahman El Azrak (APK) 1890 gs x Rabda (APK) 1880 _m)
			Ibn Rabdan (RAS): 1917 cs
				Bint Gamila (KDV) 1911 gm     (Ibn Nadra (KDV) 1905 gs x Gamila (KDV) 1900 cm)
		Shahloul (RAS): 1931 gs
				Mabrouk Manial (MNL) 1912 gs  (Saklawi II (KDV) 1895 gs x Tarfa (APK) 1900 cm)
			Bint Radia (RAS): 1920 gm
				Ghadia (BLT) 1904 gm          (Feysul (APS) 1894 cs x *Ghazala 1896 gm)
	El Sareei (RAS): 1942 bs
				Sotamm (BLT) 1910 bs          (*Astraled 1900 bs x Selma (BLT) 1894 gm)
			Kazmeen (BLT): 1916 bs
				*Kasima 1905 bm               (Narkise (BLT) 1899 bs x Kasida (APS) 1891 cm)
		Zareefa (RAS): 1927 bm
				Saadun (BLT) 1906 bs          
			Durra (BLT): 1917 bm
				Dalal Al Hamra (BLT) 1910 bm  (Jamil (APS) 1896 cs x Bint El Bahreyn (KDV) 1898 bm)
*Bint Shaams: 1956 gm{1}

		Mashaan (RAS): 1925 bs

	Shams (RAS): 1938 bm
				Sotamm (BLT) 1910 bs          (*Astraled 1900 bs x Selma (BLT) 1894 gm)
			Kazmeen (BLT): 1916 bs
				*Kasima 1905 bm               (Narkise (BLT) 1899 bs x Kasida (APS) 1891 cm)
		Bint Samiha (RAS): 1925 bm
				Samhan (APK) 1905 cs          (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) 1897 gs x Om Dalal (APK) 1898 cm)
			Samiha (RAS): 1918 cm
				Bint Hadba El Saghira (KDV) 1912 cm(El Halabi (KDV) 1900 _s x Hadba (KDV) 1894 cm)

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1969 gs *SerenityAbuSimbel (Ibn Maisa (EAO) x *Bint Shaams) 1974 gm Julya Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x Julazara) 1981 gm Amali Jewel [ 8] (Gift Of Prophecy x Julya Al Simbel) 1982 gm Amali Julyanna [ 2] (Shah Zoom x Julya Al Simbel) 1976 _s Roufaar Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x TF Aurora) 1977 _s Jaafar Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x Julazara) 1977 _s Mashaan Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x Julecho) 1977 _s Rahaam Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x TF Aurora) 1980 gm Munirah Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x Julecho) 1980 gm Rimah Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x TF Aurora) 2003 gs M R Simbels Pride (WG Priority One x Rimah Al Simbel) 2005 bs MR Rimeer Ali (WG Priority One x Rimah Al Simbel) 1982 gm Masada Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x Julecho) 1983 gs Masikh Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x Julecho) 1983 gm Rafikah Al Simbel (*SerenityAbuSimbel x TF Aurora) 1975 bm Shams Al Doha (Shahid x *Bint Shaams) 1979 gm BA Quintessence (TheEgyptianPrince x Shams Al Doha) 1983 bs Falcontep [ 2] (Abenhetep x BA Quintessence) 1984 cs Shabahahn (Abenhetep x BA Quintessence) 1986 gm Tamshas [ 4] (Abenhetep x BA Quintessence) 1988 gs Masuga [ 9] (Abenhetep x BA Quintessence) 1984 bm Abya (Abenhetep x Shams Al Doha) 1992 bm Taaz Abyanna [ 3] (AK Najib Pasha x Abya) 1993 gm Taaz Amelia [ 2] (Flabys Amid Sar x Abya) 1999 bm Taaz Abya Alia [ 2] (Ali El Ameer x Abya) 1985 bm Bahheyah (Abenhetep x Shams Al Doha) 1999 gm VW Ma-Dhoka (Shahh Shahinn x Bahheyah) 1986 bm Nabilla (Abenhetep x Shams Al Doha) 1987 bs Hafid Al Shahid (Abenhetep x Shams Al Doha) 1977 bm Shams Al Sabah (TheEgyptianPrince x *Bint Shaams) 1982 _s Al Sabeeb (Al Fattah x Shams Al Sabah) 1983 bs Saba Al Ahmar (*Soufian x Shams Al Sabah) 1984 bm HMR Shammam (Al Fattah x Shams Al Sabah) 1989 cm HMR Shamoon [ 1] (Amoon x HMR Shammam) 1997 bs Rajan Shahman AK (Ibn Rammah x HMR Shammam) 1985 bs HMR Sakhr (Malori Bel Sakr x Shams Al Sabah) 2001 bm Takura [ 5] (HMR Sakhr x MB Noralicia) 2003 bm Ashanti [ 4] (HMR Sakhr x MB Noralicia) 2004 bs Kundun (HMR Sakhr x MB Noralicia) 2007 cs Aga Khan [ 2] (HMR Sakhr x Takura) 2008 ks Aswad Amir [ 4] (HMR Sakhr x Takura) 2009 gm El Faras (HMR Sakhr x Shakira) 2010 gm NP Nazeerah (HMR Sakhr x CH Marissa) 2011 cs Fahl Ben Sakhr (HMR Sakhr x Takura) 1986 _s HMR Jesham (El Jebell x Shams Al Sabah) 1987 gm HMR Sarama (*Ramses Mameluck x Shams Al Sabah) 1998 gs El-El-Min (HH Kasan x HMR Sarama) 2000 gs SCF Zima (Ali Kasan x HMR Sarama) 1989 bs HMR Asham (Amoon x Shams Al Sabah) 1978 gm Shams El Melouk (TheEgyptianPrince x *Bint Shaams) 1983 gm Neferu (Abenhetep x Shams El Melouk) 1997 gs JF Shatirs Prince (Teps Shatir x Neferu) 2001 cs JF Morificent (Teps Shatir x Neferu) 1985 gm Shamlul (Abenhetep x Shams El Melouk) 1986 gm Saheeba (Abenhetep x Shams El Melouk) 1987 cm Keyara (Abenhetep x Shams El Melouk) 1979 gm Shammama (TheEgyptianPrince x *Bint Shaams) 1983 gm Shaamouna (Ibn Zaghloul x Shammama) 1988 cm Shaamiss [ 5] (Abenhetep x Shaamouna) 1990 cs Ballaree (Abenhetep x Shaamouna) 1994 cm Aliha Abriel [ 1] (El Hadiyyah x Shaamouna) 1984 gs Talaan (*Talal x Shammama) 1985 gs Talesis (*Talal x Shammama) 1993 rs SS Ibn Talesis (Talesis x GA Amanda) 1995 gm Karasada [ 1] (Talesis x *Ansata Karima) 1995 gs Talesis Legacy (Talesis x GA Vanessa) 1996 gm Princess Talesis [ 1] (Talesis x GA Andrea) 1996 gs RR Dude (Talesis x GA Antigua) 1997 gs RR Shah Tal (Talesis x *Ansata Karima) 1999 gs RR Vantal (Talesis x GA Vanessa) 2002 gs Talerajas (Talesis x GA Andrea) 1986 cs El Saabiel (Nabiel x Shammama) 1988 gm Bint Shammama (Abenhetep x Shammama) 1998 gm La Divina [ 1] (El Naseet x Bint Shammama) 1989 gm Briele (*Tuhotmos x Shammama) 2008 bs Amir Tuhotmos (Simeon Shai x Briele) 2008 cs JP Prince Tuhotmos [ 2] (Kenz Noor x Briele) 1991 gs Maesstro (Messaoud x Shammama) 2004 gs Memfis Blues (Maesstro x CA Graycena) 2004 gm Miri Bataa (Maesstro x Kashmira Bataa) 1993 gm Shadiyyah (El Hadiyyah x Shammama) 1997 gs Boilermakers-Mark (Thee Desperado x Shadiyyah) 1998 gm Shahira RCA [ 5] (Shahir IASB x Shadiyyah) 1999 gm Minstrils Pearl [ 2] (The Minstril x Shadiyyah) 2001 gs Ulukai (Thee Desperado x Shadiyyah) 2002 gs The Prince Ali (Thee Asil x Shadiyyah) 2004 cm Miyyah [ 1] (Thee Infidel x Shadiyyah) 2005 cm Shadaisyy [ 1] (Thee Desperado x Shadiyyah) 2007 gm Desperados Majjeok (Thee Desperado x Shadiyyah) 1994 cm Shalayyah (El Hadiyyah x Shammama) 1998 cs Musdafa [ 1] (Hadaya Eindafa x Shalayyah) 2000 ks Shaliiq (BKA Rashiiq x Shalayyah) 2001 gm Laliiq AA [ 1] (BKA Rashiiq x Shalayyah) 1995 gs Aethiir (El Hadiyyah x Shammama) 1997 cs Egyptian Flyer (Jaliil x Shammama) 1980 gs Alan Shah (TheEgyptianPrince x *Bint Shaams)

Total descendants 223
Descendants by generation
 1,   6
 2,  37
 3,  53
 4,  61
 5,  29
 6,  30
 7,   7
Descendants by year
 1960-9,   1 
 1970-9,  10 
 1980-9,  41 
 1990-9,  55 
 2000-9,  87 
 2010-9,  29 

1: See *Bint Shaams: Color Inheritance.
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