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*Mannaky: 1888 cs
1888 cs 000294 AHR

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Ma'naqi Sluqi imported in 1893 to the USA by the Hamidie Society.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the birthdate and strain) is abbreviated from *Mannaky's posthumous entry in Vol. II (1918) of the Arabian Horse Club stud book. According to this entry, *Mannaky was a Hamdani Simri stallion foaled in 1893. No strain is named on the AHC register, now in storage at the Arabian Horse Trust. The year 1893 was that of the Hamidie importation, which included *Mannaky. The 1893 foaling date is unlikely, as *Mannaky was an adult horse at that time and as his son Mannaky Jr was foaled in 1895. The Tattersall's Sale Catalog of 1894 for the Hamidie sale in Chicago lists a "Manakey, sorrel stallion; both hind feet white; 14 3/4 hands; foaled 1888; breed, Managhi-Slaji." A.G. Asdikian (who was in attendance at the sale) was quoted in The Horseman as saying that Peter Bradley's agent bought this "Manakey." Peter Bradley was the owner of Hingham Stock Farm, which used the registered *Mannaky at stud. Homer Davenport, a partner of Bradley's who owned both Zitra and Mannaky Jr, refers to *Mannaky in his World's Fair Catalog as a desert-bred Ma'naqi Sluqi stallion imported by the Hamidie Society. Raswan Index entry #5952 shows the same information as the AHC entry.
    Two 1909 letters from J.R. Dolbony (apparently a performer with the Hamidie Society) to Homer Davenport indicate that *Mannaky's sire and dam were both of the Ma'naqi strain and both were owned by his breeder, "Sage el Misrub," [al-Misrab of the Saba'ah] and that he, Dolbony, had raised *Mannaky, although he does not give his age. These letters are part of the National Archives file of correspondence between the officers of the AHC and the government agency responsible for approving livestock registries. These letters have been reprinted [Dirks & Dirks, 1989].
    *Mannaky's only registered foals (whose registrations preceded his) were out of the Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare *Galfia. It appears possible that the Hamdani Simri strain was carried backwards to *Mannaky from his foals, as it was often assumed in western society that strain designation was inherited from the sire.
    (See photo p189)

Tail Male: *Mannaky

Ancestral Elements
             Hamidie, 100.0%

*Mannaky: 1888 cs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1895 cs Mannaky Jr (*Mannaky x *Galfia) 1902 cm Sheba (Mannaky Jr x *Pride) 1906 cs Nejdran Jr [20] (*Nejdran x Sheba) 1907 gs Davenport (Yima x Sheba) 1908 bm Yusanet [ 2] (*Muson x Sheba) 1909 cs El Jafil [ 7] (*Ibn Mahruss x Sheba) 1911 cs Mustidirr (*Obeyran x Sheba) 1912 gs Cibolo [ 2] (*Obeyran x Sheba) 1913 cs Majnun (*Ibn Mahruss x Sheba) 1917 gm Zarah (Obeyran II x Sheba) 1907 cs Manakey (Mannaky Jr x Zitra) 1896 cm Zitra (*Mannaky x *Galfia) 1903 _m Freda (*Obeyran x Zitra) 1909 bm Terban [ 1] (*Hamrah x Freda) 1910 cs Strein (*Deyr x Freda) 1911 bm Sana (*Deyr x Freda) 1914 bm Sharmah (Maleik x Freda) 1918 bs Buseyr (*Deyr x Freda) 1920 _m Hamama [ 9] (Harara x Freda) 1921 bs Sidon (Harara x Freda) 1932 bm Tsavo [ 6] (Ziki x Freda) 1905 gs Obeyran II (*Obeyran x Zitra) 1915 gs Nizam El Mulk (Obeyran II x Yusanet) 1917 gm Zarah (Obeyran II x Sheba) 1917 bm Zeenaba (Obeyran II x Yusanet) 1907 cs Manakey (Mannaky Jr x Zitra) 1908 cs Tamri (*Houran x Zitra) 1910 cs Buzlad (*El Bulad x Zitra) 1911 bs Damar (*Abbeian x Zitra) 1913 cs Jidat (Maleik x Zitra) 1914 cm El Kara (Maleik x Zitra)

Total descendants 791
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   9
 3,  18
 4,  45
 5,  81
 6,  98
 7, 169
 8, 157
 9, 120
10,  71
11,  17
12,   4
Descendants by year
 1890-9,   2 
 1900-9,  10 
 1910-9,  25 
 1920-9,  40 
 1930-9,  99 
 1940-9, 207 
 1950-9, 123 
 1960-9,  61 
 1970-9,  78 
 1980-9,  70 
 1990-9,  38 
 2000-9,  35 
 2010-9,   3 
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