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*Mirage: 1919 gs
1919 gs 000790 AHR

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Saqlawi Jidran Dali' bred by the Saba'ah tribe and acquired by al-Dahamishah section of the 'Amarat tribe, which sold him to King Faysal of Iraq. *Mirage was imported to France by King Faysal where he was presented to the Italian Ambassador Signor de Martino. De Martino then exported *Mirage to England where he was purchased by Lady Wentworth at Tattersall's auction house in 1923. Imported in 1930 to the USA by Roger Selby.

By a Kuhaylan 'Ajuz of the 'Anazah out of a Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah of the Saba'ah

    NOTES: The above information (except for transfers of ownership after receipt by King Feisul) is from a translation of the hujjah [p192] for *Mirage on file at the Arabian Horse Trust. *Mirage's date of birth is given as 1909 in Vol. IV of the AHC stud books, but this is corrected in Vol. V. Records of ownership are from Archer, et al. [1978, p108].
    (See photos p192)

Tail Male: *Mirage

Ancestral Elements
              Mirage, 100.0%

*Mirage: 1919 gs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1932 gm Peraga (*Mirage x Slipper) 1945 gm Maraga (El Ahmar x Peraga) 1954 gm Azmara (Azym x Maraga) 1946 bs El Raagah (El Ahmar x Peraga) 1947 cm Daanraga (Sabdaan x Peraga) 1958 cm Raynraga [ 8] (Rahwan x Daanraga) 1959 cm Donnawan [ 9] (Rahwan x Daanraga) 1948 gm Amara (El Ahmar x Peraga) 1933 gm Pera (*Mirage x Slipper) 1947 cs Kinera (Kintyre x Pera) 1935 bs Batu (*Mirage x Slipper) 1936 gs Agwe (*Mirage x *Hilwe) 1939 gs Apollo (Agwe x *Roda) 1955 _s Baraba (Apollo x Kae) 1955 _s Trazar (Apollo x Zabba) 1956 _m Trakima [ 1] (Apollo x Kae) 1956 _s Trazak (Apollo x Zabba) 1957 _s Trazabek [ 1] (Apollo x Zabba) 1958 _m Trazabba (Apollo x Zabba) 1960 gm Trabba [ 1] (Apollo x Zabba) 1961 _s Trazabar (Apollo x Zabba) 1963 gm Tranegma (Apollo x Zabba) 1940 gm Rodetta (Agwe x *Roda) 1941 cs Bender (Agwe x Zimol) 1941 gm Shemma (Agwe x *Roda) 1943 gm Weda (Agwe x *Roda) 1945 gs Jaspre (Agwe x *Roda) 1956 gm Raaja (Jaspre x Raada) 1965 cm Fada El Ajzaa [10] (Jaspre x Nad-Kin) 1966 gm Rasprekhen [ 1] (Jaspre x Khenada) 1966 _s Rasprenad (Jaspre x Nad-Kin) 1967 gm Gazelle El Ajzaa [ 2] (Jaspre x Jeannine) 1969 gm Princeton Jaroufa [ 9] (Jaspre x Black Satin) 1939 gs Adonis (*Mirage x Curfa) 1942 cs El Hezzez (Adonis x Saba) 1942 gm Nejd Banou (Adonis x Beneyeh) 1943 gm Aba-El-Riel (Adonis x Saba) 1943 cm Naij (Adonis x Beneyeh) 1944 gm Bint Saba (Adonis x Saba) 1945 cm Nejd Kamil (Adonis x Beneyeh) 1948 cm Milteza (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1949 cm Vonteza (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1950 cm Kamiltez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1951 cs Dontez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1952 cm Jultez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1953 cs Cam-Altez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1954 cs Adontez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1955 cs Sanantez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1956 _m Chartez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1957 cm Reteza (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1958 cs Skitez (Camtez x Nejd Kamil) 1960 bm Tarmika [ 3] (Tarff x Nejd Kamil) 1949 gm Nejd Benaya (Adonis x Beneyeh) 1939 gs Idol (*Mirage x *Selmnab) 1946 cm Mischief Of Lakeholm (Idol x Silka) 1962 gm Zadola (Idol x Zabel) 1963 gm Bint Zabel (Idol x Zabel) 1965 gs Zadol (Idol x Zabel) 1966 gs Zidol (Idol x Zabel) 1939 _m Kae (*Mirage x Keturah) 1955 _s Baraba (Apollo x Kae) 1956 _m Trakima (Apollo x Kae) 1961 _s Tramirage (Trazabek x Trakima) 1939 _m Kymir (*Mirage x Charmain) 1939 gs Rasmir (*Mirage x Rasasah)

Total descendants 190
Descendants by generation
 1,   9
 2,  25
 3,  28
 4,  44
 5,  45
 6,  35
 7,   4
Descendants by year
 1930-9,  10 
 1940-9,  20 
 1950-9,  19 
 1960-9,  24 
 1970-9,  30 
 1980-9,  51 
 1990-9,  24 
 2000-9,   5 
 2010-9,   7 
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