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*Pride: 1894 cm
1894 cm 000321 AHR

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

Imported in 1893 to the USA by the Hamidie Society.

    NOTES: The above information (except for birthdate) is according to the entry for *Pride (Dawn) in Vol. II (1918) of the Arabian Horse Club stud books, which shows strain information of Ma'naqiyah Sluqiyah. *Pride (originally called "Dawn," but posthumously registered as *Pride, because another mare had been registered as Dawn by 1918), was described in Homer Davenport's Catalog of World's Fair Arabians 1906-1907 as an imported mare of the Chicago World's Fair (Hamidie) importation. *Pride cannot be positively identified with any animal in the 1894 Tattersall's sale catalog for the Hamidie horses. (See under Hamidie, in Ancestral Elements, p137.) The spelling of the Sluqi strain by the Tattersall's sale catalog, Homer Davenport and in the AHC stud books is "Slaji," which Raswan Index entry #7695 shows as "Saluqi."
    A 9/23/1909 letter from Homer Davenport to Arthur Bell refers to information from J.R. Dolbony (apparently a performer with the Hamidie Society) to the effect that *Pride and "Dawn" were two different mares, that both were born in the USA, and that both were daughters of *Galfia. This letter is part of the National Archives file of correspondence between the officers of the AHC and the government agency responsible for approving livestock registries. This letter has been reprinted [Dirks & Dirks, 1989].
    *Galfia is reported in the Tattersall's catalog to be in foal to (*)Kibaby, an 1885 grey Saqlawi Shayfi stallion of the Hamidie Society. Kibaby was considered by contemporary observers to be one of the best of the importation, along with *Nejdme, *Galfia and *Mannaky. *Galfia delivered a filly on board the train between the Tattersall's Sale in Chicago and her new home with Peter Bradley's Hingham Stock Farm, near Boston. As the train was passing through Albany, New York, at the time, the filly was called "Albani" in newspaper reports. This could have been the mare later registered as *Pride.
    If *Pride was a daughter of *Galfia, she would have been a Hamdaniyah Simriyah. There was a great deal of confusion in the early days of the Registry regarding the way strains were inherited. Many people assumed they were inherited from the sire, as Americans would normally do in regard to themselves. In the same manner as *Mannaky's registered strain appears to have been picked up from *Galfia, *Pride, who was posthumously registered years after her daughter's birth, seems to have been called Ma'naqi Sluqi from her daughter's tail-male line. [See also *Galfia and *Mannaky]

Tail Female: *Pride

Ancestral Elements
             Hamidie, 100.0%

*Pride: 1894 cm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1902 cm Sheba (Mannaky Jr x *Pride) 1906 cs Nejdran Jr (*Nejdran x Sheba) 1913 bs Sheik (Nejdran Jr x Saaida) 1914 bm Dawn [ 4] (Nejdran Jr x Rhua) 1915 bs Alladin (Nejdran Jr x Saaida) 1917 cm Sultana [ 7] (Nejdran Jr x Rhua) 1918 bm Gamelia [ 3] (Nejdran Jr x Saaida) 1918 bs Kyrat (Nejdran Jr x Rhua) 1922 gm Kalurah [ 2] (Nejdran Jr x Ophir) 1922 bm Zamora [ 1] (Nejdran Jr x Saaida) 1923 gm Mirza [ 5] (Nejdran Jr x Ophir) 1924 cs Al Azhar (Nejdran Jr x Nanda) 1924 cs Alcazar [24] (Nejdran Jr x Rhua) 1924 bs El Hasa (Nejdran Jr x Saaida) 1926 bs Waif (Nejdran Jr x Saaida) 1928 gs Settam (Nejdran Jr x Mershid) 1928 gs Traveller (Nejdran Jr x Morfda) 1929 gs Ormuz (Nejdran Jr x Mershid) 1931 gm Tebuk [ 9] (Nejdran Jr x Medina) 1932 cm Laila [ 4] (Nejdran Jr x Niht) 1932 cs Sharran (Nejdran Jr x Hira) 1932 gs Zuhair (Nejdran Jr x Medina) 1907 gs Davenport (Yima x Sheba) 1908 bm Yusanet (*Muson x Sheba) 1915 gs Nizam El Mulk (Obeyran II x Yusanet) 1917 bm Zeenaba (Obeyran II x Yusanet) 1909 cs El Jafil (*Ibn Mahruss x Sheba) 1914 cm Pacheco (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1915 cs El Sakab (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1916 cs El Sabok [15] (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1917 cm Leila [ 4] (El Jafil x Narkeesa) 1929 gm Shela (El Jafil x Shiloh) 1930 gs Shola (El Jafil x Shiloh) 1934 bs Rillito (El Jafil x Wardi) 1911 cs Mustidirr (*Obeyran x Sheba) 1912 gs Cibolo (*Obeyran x Sheba) 1921 cs Shiraz (Cibolo x Shireen) 1922 cm Nedjreen (Cibolo x Shireen) 1913 cs Majnun (*Ibn Mahruss x Sheba) 1917 gm Zarah (Obeyran II x Sheba)

Total descendants 754
Descendants by generation
 1,   1
 2,   8
 3,  31
 4,  70
 5,  99
 6, 172
 7, 161
 8, 120
 9,  71
10,  17
11,   4
Descendants by year
 1900-9,   5 
 1910-9,  16 
 1920-9,  36 
 1930-9,  91 
 1940-9, 200 
 1950-9, 121 
 1960-9,  61 
 1970-9,  78 
 1980-9,  70 
 1990-9,  38 
 2000-9,  35 
 2010-9,   3 
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