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*Shahwan: 1887 gs
1887 gs 000241 AHR
Breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Dahman Shahwan. Foaled in the possession of Muhammad Sadyk Pasha, who was given his dam in foal by Ali Pasha Sharif. Purchased from Muhammad Sadyk Pasha by Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt in 1892 and imported to England by the Blunts later that year. Imported to the USA by J.A.P Ramsdell in 1895.

Out of a Dahmah Shahwaniyah of Ali Pasha Sharif.

    NOTES: The above information (except for the transfers of ownership) is from the entry for *Shahwan in Weatherby's General Stud Book, Vol. XVII, p814. The Arabian Horse Club stud book Vol. II p141 has the transfer to Ramsdell, but erroneously shows his sire Wazir as a GSB-entered horse and shows his dam as a desert-bred mare. The GSB information is consistent with the entry for *Shahwan in the Blunts' Sheykh Obeyd herd book [Pearson, 146] and also in Peter Upton [1989, 171].
    The Arabian Horse Club file for *Shahwan at the Arabian Horse Trust describes the dam of *Shahwan as a Dahmah Shahwaniyah bred by Ali Pasha Sharif, sired by a Kuhaylan 'Ajuz al Harqan. It is tempting, considering the rarity of the substrain and the dating, to consider this the same horse as Harkan (AP).
    Upton [1980, 40] shows the dam of *Shahwan as a grey Dahmah Shahwaniyah given by Ali Pasha Sharif to Muhammad Sadyk Pasha, and her granddam the mare of Ibn Khalifah. [See the entry for Talqah (AP)] Al Khamsa estimates her birthdate to be in the 1870s.
    Entries #1832 and #7130 in the Raswan Index show the dam of *Shahwan as presented (along with her dam Namsheh) to Abbas Pasha by Prince Faysal Ibn Turki al-Sa'ud after they had been obtained by Faysul from Ibn Khalifah of Bahrain. Raswan shows Namsheh as a grey mare bred by Ibn Khalifah, sired by Rabdan, a grey Rabdan Khashiban of al-Dahham of the Muntafiq, out of a Dahmah Shahwaniyah of Khalil al-Hajri of the Bani Hajr and who was in turn sired by Duhayman [entry #2232-see also the entry for Hajlah (AP)]. Since the birthdate of *Shahwan was 1887 and since Abbas Pasha died in 1854, it is unlikely that his dam was actually imported for Abbas Pasha. [See also the entries for Nura El Kebira (APS) and Shalfa (AP)]
    (See photo p275)

Tail Male: Zobeyni (AP)
Tail Female: probably Talqah (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

		Zobeyni (AP): c.1840's gs

	Wazir (APS): 1863 gs

		Ghazieh (AP): c.1850 gm

*Shahwan: 1887 gs

	Dahmah Shahwaniyah of Ali Pasha Sharif

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1893 gm Yashmak (BLT) (*Shahwan x Yemama (APS)) 1902 cs Ibn Yashmak (BLT) (Feysul (APS) x Yashmak (BLT)) 1913 cm Amida (BLT) [ 1] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Ajramieh (BLT)) 1916 cm *Felestin [ 1] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Fejr (BLT)) 1916 cs *Nafia [ 1] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Nessima (BLT)) 1919 cs *Rizvan [ 1] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x *Rijma) 1920 cm Bint Rissala (BLT) [ 3] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Risala (BLT)) 1898 gm Nonliker (*Shahwan x *Nejdme) 1902 gs Yima (*Garaveen x Nonliker) 1921 cm Slipper [ 1] (Yima x Sabot) 1903 gm Onrust (*Garaveen x Nonliker) 1912 bm Larkspur [ 1] (*Abu Zeyd x Onrust) 1917 gm Ophir [ 1] (Segario x Onrust)

Total descendants 17295
Descendants by generation 1, 2 2, 3 3, 8 4, 10 5, 21 6, 128 7, 842 8,2787 9,4505 10,4590 11,3148 12,1062 13, 176 14, 13 Descendants by year 1890-9, 2 1900-9, 3 1910-9, 7 1920-9, 8 1930-9, 9 1940-9, 24 1950-9, 32 1960-9, 149 1970-9, 902 1980-9,4265 1990-9,6940 2000-9,4954
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