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*Sunshine: 1932 cs
1932 cs 000943 AHR

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Kuhaylan 'Ajuz imported in utero in 1931 to the USA by Albert Harris.

By "Hadban the Hamdani".

    NOTES: The above information (except for the dam) is based on *Sunshine's initial registration in Vol. IV of the Arabian Horse Club stud books. This volume lists *Sunshine's dam as *Tairah. The dam is corrected to *Nufoud in Vol. V. There is a notarized statement by Harris in *Sunshine's AHC records that states that there was confusion between *Nufoud and *Tairah "through a similarity of color and markings." Both are registered chestnut, and both are said to be "light bay" on their Saudi documents. This may be because of a problem of translation of color terminology: for example, hamra ("red") is usually translated as bay but may refer to certain shades of chestnut as well.
    The registered breeder of *Sunshine is "Mohamed Ed El Rouaf," [Muhammad 'Abd al-Ra'uf] Consul of Hijaz and Najd. (No breeder is named on his registration application.) The papers of the four Saudi mares (*Dahma, *Nufoud, *Samirah and *Tairah) imported by Harris were all from the Sa'ud Family and were signed by the same Mohamed Ed El Rouaf, as representative of King Ibn Sa'ud. It appears that *Sunshine was from the Sa'ud Royal Family, not "Mohamed Ed El Rouaf." [See under Breeder, p15]
    (See photo p215)

Tail Male: *Sunshine
Tail Female: *Nufoud

Ancestral Elements
               Sa'ud, 100.0%

*Sunshine: 1932 cs

	*Nufoud: 1925 cm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1939 cm Kadmee (*Sunshine x Sultana) 1939 cm Keeta (*Sunshine x Tebuk) 1939 cs Sabian (*Sunshine x Sabigat) 1940 cs Kenur (*Sunshine x *Tairah) 1944 gs Azual (Kenur x *Aziza) 1945 cs Abjar (Kenur x *Aziza) 1945 cs Batangas (Kenur x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1946 gm Haraka (Kenur x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1951 gs Fa-Harah (Fa-Hagah x Haraka) 1954 _m Chuparrosa (Fravo x Haraka) 1958 bs Mista-Har [ 4] (Hallany Mistanny x Haraka) 1959 bm Hamara [ 8] (Hallany Mistanny x Haraka) 1961 bm R-Halana [ 2] (Hallany Mistanny x Haraka) 1962 gm Rallany [ 2] (Hallany Mistanny x Haraka) 1964 bm Mistara [10] (Mista-Bin x Haraka) 1947 gm Azyya (Kenur x *Aziza) 1961 gm Faziza (Fa-Turf x Azyya) 1962 ks Starziz [ 1] (Fa-Turf x Azyya) 1963 gm Sharzyya [ 7] (Fa-Turf x Azyya) 1947 gm Bint Hamida (Kenur x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1958 bs Mista-Bin [ 7] (Hallany Mistanny x Bint Hamida) 1959 km Romida (Hallany Mistanny x Bint Hamida) 1962 gs Dhahmida [ 2] (Dhahran x Bint Hamida) 1948 cs Kenail (Kenur x Laila) 1959 gm Kenkara [ 5] (Kenail x Karamia) 1952 _m Kharza (Kenur x Khorasan) 1962 _s Jemater (Tarff x Kharza) 1940 bm Kerasun (*Sunshine x *Samirah) 1946 bs Kevir (Alcazar x Kerasun) 1947 cm Kaleta (Alcazar x Kerasun) 1962 gm Faleta [ 1] (Ibn Fadl x Kaleta) 1963 gs Fa Sun (Ibn Fadl x Kaleta) 1965 cs Fa-Al (Ibn Fadl x Kaleta) 1951 gm Karamia (Kulun x Kerasun) 1959 gm Kenkara [ 5] (Kenail x Karamia) 1965 gm ASF Kera [ 7] (Julyan x Karamia) 1953 cs Kuran (Kulun x Kerasun) 1940 gm Komet (*Sunshine x Tebuk) 1944 gm Kasheba (Tel-El Kabir x Komet) 1945 cm Lazena (Tel-El Kabir x Komet) 1946 bm Dihkenna (Gharis x Komet) 1950 bm Aldena [ 3] (Alla Amarward x Dihkenna) 1952 bs El Rico (Elrif x Dihkenna) 1953 bm Rifenna [ 2] (Elrif x Dihkenna) 1954 bm Gharena [ 4] (Elrif x Dihkenna) 1955 cs Shadrif (Elrif x Dihkenna) 1956 bm Wahkenna [ 1] (Elrif x Dihkenna) 1966 cs ASF David [11] (Daaldan x Dihkenna) 1968 gm ASF-Deba [ 4] (Dhahran x Dihkenna) 1970 cm ASF Diana [ 9] (Dhahran x Dihkenna) 1940 cs Korti (*Sunshine x Sultana) 1941 cs Khelim (*Sunshine x Abba) 1941 cm Korinth (*Sunshine x Sultana) 1949 cm Korinne (Rouf x Korinth) 1950 cm Leba (Rouf x Korinth) 1951 _m Roufeene (Rouf x Korinth) 1959 _m Lotheene [ 1] (Lothar x Roufeene) 1942 cm Khivane (*Sunshine x Tebuk) 1961 cm Bint Khivane (Tocra x Khivane) 1969 cm Maebee (Tocra x Bint Khivane) 1970 cm Tocras Tara (Tocra x Bint Khivane) 1962 _s Tic Toc (Tocra x Khivane) 1964 _m Tovane (Tocra x Khivane) 1967 cs Amir Sunshine (Tocra x Khivane) 1946 gm Sunbuk (*Sunshine x Tebuk) 1946 gs Sunsan (*Sunshine x Khorasan) 1947 cs Abu Tammam (*Sunshine x Tebuk) 1947 gs Kolodin (*Sunshine x Khorasan) 1948 gm Kanoula (*Sunshine x Tebuk) 1949 cm Kaffa (*Sunshine x Tebuk)

Total descendants 988
Descendants by generation
 1,  16
 2,  22
 3,  31
 4,  86
 5, 134
 6, 292
 7, 265
 8, 106
 9,  32
10,   4
Descendants by year
 1930-9,   3 
 1940-9,  26 
 1950-9,  22 
 1960-9,  49 
 1970-9, 158 
 1980-9, 322 
 1990-9, 250 
 2000-9, 127 
 2010-9,  31 
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