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*Ta'an: 1988 gs
1988 gs 1988-0064 IHR
Breeder: Mis'ir al-Hamad al-Sakran

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Hamdani Simri of the marbat of al-'Ifri acquired from his breeder by Mustafa Al Jabri of Aleppo, Syria, and presented by him to Jerald and Debra Dirks in 1993. The Dirks' exported *Ta'anE to the USA in 1994 and moved him to Jordan in 1996.

By Awaad (A0431 in the Syrian Arabian Stud Book, Vol. 1), a Kuhaylan Kurush al-Baydah of 'Iyadah al-Talab al-Qartah of the Shammar out of Efrieh (A0050 in the Syrian Arabian Stud Book, Vol. 1), a Hamdaniyah al-'Ifri of Mis'ir al-Hamad al-Sakran.

    NOTES: The above information, except for the acquisition, presentation, import and export information, is from the Syrian Arabian Stud Book, Vol. 1, p133 and p324, where *Ta'an (A0049) and his parents are registered. Registration with the Arabian Horse Registry of America is pending at publication of Al Khamsa Arabians III. Acquisition, presentation, import and export information are supplied by the Dirks'.

Tail Male: *Ta'an

Ancestral Elements
               Ta'an, 100.0%

*Ta'an: 1988 gs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1995 gs DDA Baraq (*Ta'an x DDA Latifah) 1995 _m DDA Syrieh (*Ta'an x DDA Inzihi)

Total descendants 2
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
Descendants by year
 1990-9,   2 
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