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*Werdi: 1901 cm
1901 cm 000041 AHR

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Kuhaylah Kurush imported in 1906 to the USA by Homer Davenport.

    NOTES: The above information is from a translation of *Werdi's hujjah [p222]. Further explanation is needed. The hujjah which accompanied *Werdi has Arabic writing on both sides. The front is for a hamra (red, or bay) filly aged two years, ten months, sired by a Ma'naqi Hudruji stallion of the marbat of Ibn Sabayyil (or Ma'naqi Sbaili) and out of a grey Kuhaylah Kurush mare. This section is dated February, 1893. The back of the document is not completely legible, but appears to refer to *Werdi. It describes a chestnut mare aged five years who was evidently descended from-or in some way related to-the bay and/or the grey mares described on the front. This side of the document of bears the seal of Ahmad al-Hafiz [see Ancestral Elements, Davenport, p132].
    The entry for *Werdi in the initial 1909 volume of the Arabian Horse Club stud books says that *Werdi was a 1900 mare by a Ma'naqi Sbaili out of a Kuhaylah Kurush. This entry is consistent with the Davenport 1909 catalog, which, however, shows a birthdate of 1902 and says she was "of Hay Mohamed" of the Qumusah section of the Saba'ah tribe and "got by Faris Aga el Terkimane" of Hama.
    *Werdi's entry #10962 in the Raswan Index shows the same information as the Davenport 1909 catalog with elaboration of information for dam and breeder, but shows different information for her sire. Raswan shows *Werdi as by a Dahman Abu 'Amir of Ibn Hamsi of the Qumusah section of the Saba'ah, as out of a Kuhaylah Kurush of Ibn Mijlad of the Zubnah clan of the Dahamishah section of the 'Amarat tribe, and as bred by Hussayn Muhammad Ibn Shalhub of the Qumusah.

Tail Female: *Werdi

Ancestral Elements
           Davenport, 100.0%

*Werdi: 1901 cm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1908 bs Marrbruch (*Haleb x *Werdi) 1909 bm Skammer (*Haleb x *Werdi) 1913 bm Sefal (*Houran x Skammer) 1910 bs Kesid (*Muson x *Werdi) 1913 bs Kamar (*Antar x *Werdi) 1914 cm Medusa (Maleik x *Werdi) 1918 cm Tamarinsk (*Hamrah x *Werdi) 1921 cs Tanatra (Harara x Tamarinsk) 1938 cs Ahmed Ben Hassen (Tanatra x Jadur) 1941 gm Sahabet [ 4] (Tanatra x Jadur) 1922 gs Siam (Letan x Tamarinsk) 1923 cm Kapiti (Harara x Tamarinsk) 1928 cs Ghurra (Ziki x Kapiti) 1930 bm Kahawi [ 5] (Oman x Kapiti) 1931 cs Kamal (Oman x Kapiti) 1933 bs Kadil (Oriental x Kapiti) 1934 bm Natasha (Oriental x Kapiti) 1936 cm Auroura [ 8] (Oriental x Kapiti) 1938 cm Taliti [ 4] (Oriental x Kapiti) 1924 cs Kiad (Ziki x Tamarinsk) 1948 cm Kiada (Kiad x Rima) 1925 bs Jarad (Ziki x Tamarinsk) 1926 gm Babe Azab (Letan x Tamarinsk) 1930 gm Badia [ 4] (Jadaan x Babe Azab) 1932 gs Janeo [ 1] (*King John x Babe Azab) 1934 bs Naseem (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1935 cm Bint Azab (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1937 cs Borkaan [ 8] (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1938 cs Royal Amber [ 5] (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1939 cs Moubarek (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1940 rm El Faheema (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1941 rs El Biraak (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1943 cm Wardat Badiya (Ribal x Babe Azab) 1946 cm Zaba (El Mokaddam x Babe Azab) 1949 gs Hab-Bah (Fa-Hagah x Babe Azab) 1920 cs Werdam (*Hamrah x *Werdi)

Total descendants 1120
Descendants by generation
 1,   7
 2,   7
 3,  22
 4,  36
 5,  55
 6, 124
 7, 249
 8, 270
 9, 221
10,  95
11,  31
12,   3
Descendants by year
 1900-9,   2 
 1910-9,   5 
 1920-9,   8 
 1930-9,  19 
 1940-9,  39 
 1950-9,  44 
 1960-9,  28 
 1970-9,  68 
 1980-9, 228 
 1990-9, 319 
 2000-9, 278 
 2010-9,  82 
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