The mare *Samirah is one of two representatives of the 1931 importation by Chicago businessman Albert Harris.

Harris imported four desert-bred mares from Arabian ruler Abd al-Aziz Ibn Saud, through Mohammad Abd al-Ra'uf, Consul of the Sultanate of Najd and Hijaz in Beirut (this Sultanate would take the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the following year of 1932), assisted by the Lebanese poet Amin Rihani. Three of the four left Al Khamsa descendants here in the USA. More about the other two in the future.


The Albert Harris Mares

*Samirah AHA #851—Sa'ud Ancestral Element, 1925 grey Hamdaniyah Simriyah mare bred by the Sa'ud Royal Family and imported in 1931 to the USA by Albert Harris.

The above information is from *Samirah's Saudi export document and Arabian Horse Association importation records. *Samirah's entry in Arabian Horse Club Stud Book Vol. IV p125 shows the same information. Dam of 6 foals, including four Al Khamsa foals. [Al Khamsa Arabians III]



*Samirah still has a very thin line that has been the focus of a number of courageous, almost desperate preservation efforts over the last forty years. The result is that the tail female line still goes on, albeit barely.

Two of *Samirah's daughters left Al Khamsa progeny: Koweyt (by Alcazar) and Kerasun (by *Sunshine, imported to the USA in utero in the same importation). The mare Koweyt produced a daughter, Konight, by the Kuhaylan al-'Ajuz stallion Kaniht (Katar x Niht). Konight in turn produced the mare Ameera Moda, by a Kuhaylan al-'Ajuz from another line: Fa-Turf (*Fadl x *Turfa). According to the Al Khamsa Roster, there are only three mares left from this branch of *Samirah's family (Sha Princess, Kali Maa EEE, Bint Bint Moda), all in their mid-twenties and none of them of with recorded Al Khamsa progeny.






Sha Bint Ameera


Fa Knight

There is a little glimmer of hope remaining for the second line to *Samirah, through Kerasun. Kerasun in turn had two daughters, both bred by Albert Harris: Kaleta (by Alcazar) and Karamia (by Kulun, a Kuhaylan al-'Ajuz stallion from really old bloodlines tracing to *Nedjme). Through Kaleta runs a very thin line high in desert bred blood straight from Najd and the Syrian desert, with the arrows indicating a mother-to-daughter link: Kaleta to her daughter Faleta (by Ibn Fadl, another Kuhaylan al-'Ajuz and a son of the desert, his dam being *Turfa) to Faleta's daughter Peta by the Kuhaylan al-Hayf Lysander, from the Davenport bloodlines to Peta's 1985 daughter Halley, by the Kuhaylan al-Hayf stallion Audobon, another Davenport. Halley is 24 years old now, and a treasured mare, but has never been bred. One can see the hand of the late Carol Lyons behind the breeding that resulted in Halley, first because Carol used to own the magnificent Audubon, and second because she was trying to preserve the very, very few remaining horses with no Blunt/Crabbet bloodlines in them, of which Halley is one. These horses Carol called Sharp (a play on words, as sharp and blunt are opposites). Halley and the line through Karamia provides what is probably the only chance of keeping this line alive within Al Khamsa. Line-breeding has been done by Randall and Mary Sue Harris and granddaughter Stephanie Theinert, so their horses are double and triple *Samirah. [Edouard al Dahdah]






Asf Ubeidiya, Asf Ismailya, Asf Euodia


Jadah Samirah

Descendants of *Samirah, 1925 GM

Khorasan 1935 gm (Alcazar x *Samirah)

SUNSAN 1946 gs (*Sunshine x Khorasan)

Capella 1951 cm (Sunsan x El Faheema)

KOLODIN 1947 gg (*Sunshine x Khorasan)

KHANIA 1950 gg (Kulun x Khorasan)

Kharza 1952 gm (Kenur x Khorasan)

JEMATER 1962 bs (Tarff x Khorasan)

TARZAN 1956 gs (Kulun x Khorasan)

Koweyt 1937 cm (Alcazar x *Samirah)

GARIB 1943 bs (Kaniht x Koweyt)

Konight 1944 cm (Kaniht x Koweyt)

Tocretta 1950 cm (Tocra x Konight)

FA KNIGHT 1962 gs (Fa-Turf x Konight)

Claramara 1968 gm (Fa Knight x Ameera Moda)

Fa Starizona 1974 bm (Fa Knight x Shar Moliah)

Fa Turfanna 1975 bm (Fa Knight x Shar Moliah)

FA TURECHO 1979 bs (Munecho x Fa Turfanna)

BEN HADBAAN 1987 bs (Glorieta Hadbaan x Fa Turfanna)

MD Dodona 1990 bm (MD Oracle x Fa Turfanna)

FA GAMEEL SAGER 1977 bs (Fa Knight x Shar Moliah)

Ameera Moda 1963 bm (Fa-Turf x Konight)

AMIN RAFIQ 1974 bs (Fay-Ker x Ameera Moda)

Sha Bint Ameera 1976 bm (Fa Charlamar x Ameera Moda)

Sha Princess 1986 bm (Kamil Ibn Sahanad x Sha Bint Ameera)

Kali Ma Eee 1987 bm (Cerulean CF x Sha Bint Ameera)

Sha Ghazya 1979 bm (Fa Charlamar x Ameera Moda)

Bint Bint Moda 1986 bm (Kamil Ibn Sahanad x Sha Ghazya)

Danweyt 1945 bm (Faddan x Koweyt)

DANTURF 1960 bg (Fa-Turf x Danweyt)

DANDEE 1962 gg (Fa-Turf x Danweyt)

DANDER 1963 gg (Fa-Turf x Danweyt)

RU RAADAN 1965 gs (Fa Raad x Danweyt)

KAMEN 1939 gs (Alcazar x *Samirah)

Kerasun 1940 bm (*Sunshine x *Samirah)

KEVIR 1946 bs (Alcazar x Kerasun)

Kaleta 1947 cm (Alcazar x Kerasun)

Faleta 1962 gm (Ibn Fadl x Kaleta)

Peta 1979 gm (Lysander x Faleta)

Halley 1985 gm (Audobon x Peta)

FAL-AL 1965 cg (Ibn Fadl x Kaleta)

Karamia 1951 gm (Kulun x Kerasun)

Kenkara 1959 gm (Kenail x Karamia)

ASF ALEXANDER 1968 gs (Dhahran x Kenkara)

ASF CAESAR 1970 gs (Abgar x Kenkara)

ASF DAN 1971 cs (Abgar x Kenkara)

ASF Euodia 1972 cm (ASF David x Kenkara)

ASF Ismailiyah 1976 gm (Dhahran x ASF Euodia)

Bah Euodia 1986 cm (Bahaad x ASF Euodia)

ASF Ubeidiya 1988 gm (ASF Ezra x ASF Euodia)

Jadah Samirah 1993 gm (ASF Hercules x ASF Ubeidiya)

Samirahs Adlayah 2008 gm (Jadah Echos Amir x Jadah Samirah)

Jadah Kerasun 1998 km (ASF Raphael x ASF Ubeidiya)

PRINCE BADR AL SHEIKH 2010 - gs (MarhilasPrinceAbu x ASF Ubeidiya)

Jadah Galfia 1991 cm (ASF Hercules x ASF Euodia)

ASF JETHRO 1977 gs (Dhahran x Kenkara)

ASF Kera 1965 gm (Julyan x Karamia)

ASF Bithiah 1969 gm (Dhahran x ASF Kera)

ASF Gerasa 1974 bm (ASF David x ASF Bithiah)

ASF RAPHAEL 1985 bs (Ibn Mahrouf x ASF Gerasa)

Jadah Kerasun - see above

JLB Mahrasa Ami 1986 bm (Ibn Mahrouf x ASF Gerasa)

JLB SIRROCCO BEY 1990 bs (El Hamdani Bey x JLB Mahrasa Ami)

JLBSerra Saberna 1987 bm (Maarserr CMC x ASF Gerasa)

JLB Chardan Starr 1989 bm (Maarserr CMC x ASF Gerasa)

ASF COSAM 1970 gs (Sorab x ASF Kera)

ASF Delilah 1971 gm (Abgar x ASF Kera)

ASF EZRA 1972 gs (Abgar x ASF Kera)

ASF Ubeidiya - see above

ASF HERCULES 1975 gs (ASF David x ASF Kera)

Jadah Galfia - see above

Jadah Samirah - see above

ASF Isis 1976 gm (Abgar x ASF Kera)

ASF Joanna 1977 gm (ASF David x ASF Kera)

KURAN 1953 cg (Kulun x Kerasun)

Underlined: Tail-Female to *Samirah
Italics: Over 20 years old, dead or gelded
Capital Letters: MALE
Bold: Located

Owners of Descendants of *Samirah 

Jadah Samirah - Stephanie Theinert, Illinois 
Samirahs Adlayah - Kathryn Toth, Ohio
Prince Badr Al Sheikh - gelded 2011 sold to Dr. Kenneth C Kosel,  Texas 2012
Lasst Update Oct 31, 2016

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