We received this touching story about the 20 year old Al Khamsa stallion Laurence (Ansata Ali Pasha x HMR Ballani) whose location was unknown until Mary Lou Raulerson, who aquired him, became familiar with Al Khamsa. His dam, HMR Ballanni, was bred by Howard Marks and is by Hallany Mistanny and is a daughter of Baba, one of the mares on the reference pedigree list of the Raswan collection.

Here is Laurence's story as told by Mary Lou Raulerson:"An old rock and roll song said...'to know, know, know him is to love, love, love him...' and in the case of Laurence it's true. That grand old horse has built up quite a fan club over the years in our area including children,women who always wanted a horse, owners of his get and even the vets who have treated him. His most ardent admirers are Walter Schimanski, who owns his 3/4 sister, Balima and, of course, me.

How can an Al Khamsa stallion in the middle of quarter horse country be so popular? As Walter says, "Laurence is all Arab." When Laurence looks at you with his big, luminous eyes, you not only see but feel his affection for people. If that doesn't win you over, he'll put on a show that will bring tears to your eyes. Laurence is quite crippled these days, but if the aucience is appreciative, he will trot up a storm, not taking a lame step until his performance is over.

I first saw Laurence as a suckling foal following his mama HMR Ballanni (Hallany Mistanny x Baba) in a herd of mares on a visit to Willis and Jimmie Flick's Glenglade Arabians in Miami, Florida. The sire of that pretty faced youngster was Ansata Ali Pasha (*Ansata Ibn Halima x *Ansata Bint Zaafarana). At the time I thought Ali Pasha was the most beautiful horse in the world. 20 years have passed and I still remember how beautiful he was but now I think Laurence is the most beautiful!

Unfortunately, Laurence got hurt as a yearling, damaging his shoulder and was quite lame for some time. As a three year old he seemed sound enough to ride and was sent to Liz Lanford for training. After several months riding, he came up lame and was sent home. This was bad luck for his owners Willis and Jimmie but turned out to be good luck for me.

About this time, I showed up at the Flicks with a grade mare I wanted to breed to Laurence. I started pestering Willis to let me buy Laurence. That man had a million reasons why I didn't need that horse. Laurence was lame! He was too expensive! I should have a horse I could show! Willis even tried to help me find another horse, but I wanted Laurence!

Several months passed and I received a letter from Willis stating that if I was still interested in Laurence, he and Jimmie would be pleased for me to have him. This was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. The Flicks had visited my farm a few days earlier and an adoption agency would not have inspected my facilities any more thoroughly! A friend of mine had to make the call to say 'yes' because I couldn't talk through my tears.

Over the years, Laurence has become most respected for his foals, which number close to a hundred and they are athletic and tractable. They have his eyes and balance. This has become known as the 'look of Laurence' in local horsey circles. Unfortunately only six of his foals are purebred and none are Al Khamsa. Arabian owners in my area think he is cute but too small. (14 1/2 hands). Now that I know about the importance of Al Khamsa Arabians, I am doing a much better job of soliciting mares for him.

Laurence is expecting his first Al Khamsa foal next February. Sherry Chason leased me Mahaba El Hadiyi (El Hadiyi x Sudanaah of Mark Mayo's breeding), so that Laurence will have at least an Al Khamsa mare to breed.

Sixteen years have passed since Laurence came to live with me. No, he doesn't live in the house with me but he does have his own TV. He also likes oranges, Hot Dogs with mustard, and Coke, and peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. But most of all, Laurence loves children.

Yes, Laurence is a special kind of horse. Besides his breeding and his beauty, he has a great heart. This is what makes him truly 'all Arab,' and what causes those who know him, to love him.

~ From The Khamsat Anthology, as told by Mary Lou Raulerson

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