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2018 Annual Meeting and Convention will be in Dallas TX! 

Farm LIstings Submission Guidelines

Please note: There are minimum requirements to be met in order to have an active link to your site on the Al Khamsa website.

  • Objectionable material will not be linked.
  • Your site must contain a link back to http://alkhamsa.org.
  • Your site must display the Al Khamsa logo on the "home" or first Arabian Horse page. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis. We will furnish you with a copy of the logo.
  • If you have both Al Khamsa and non-Al Khamsa horses displayed on your site, you must distinguish between them.
  • If your site contains a definition of an Al Khamsa Arabian Horse, please use the bylaw definition, which we will furnish to you.
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