Al Khamsa, Inc. Is pleased to be able to offer a subscription service to exclusive Video and Written Content.

To  View Content you must first Subscribe to a plan (see Note 1 below) .

The Subscribe process will require you to either log in to your Al Khamsa Website account or create one if you do not already have one.  

Once successfully subcribed you will be able to view the content which you have purchased.  This is done by clicking the "View Content" menu item.   

A list of content you may subscribe to for viewing:

  • 2021 Al Khamsa Spring Gathering Speaker Videos $25
  • 2020 Al Khamsa Convention Speaker and Narrated Fantasia Horse Videos $30

Coming Soon:

  • Digitized back issues of the Khamsat magazine

Note 1:  If you paid to attend any event for which there are recordings of speakers available you will be automatically receive a free subscription to those recordings  ahead of the time they appear on the website.  Simply log in to the website to view the content.