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Al Khamsa Classifieds

If you wish to add your Al Khamsa classified advertisement to this page, please send the pertinent information using the Horses For Sale or Horses Wanted form.

Al Khamsa Inc. is not responsible for the horses presented for sale or for any sales agreement entered into as a result of advertising on this website.

"A foreign horse listed is one that would automatically qualify as Al Khamsa if it were in the USA"

Listings will be active for 12 months. If you wish your ad to run another 12 months, you will be responsible for for notifying us via email to info@alkhamsa.org



  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $4,500
  • Reg. Number: AHA 645183
  • AAS ZENAD, "Trigger", 2009, (IBN TAAM-RUD+/ X RC ZAIRAFA) Yes, "Trigger" really is a palomino Bedouin desertbred horse. He is a little fidgety for saddling, but very nice under saddle. Deep heartgirth, big feet, solid legs and 3 circle conformation make him an excellent horse. His sire is another of our long time favorite endurance horses.

Marguerita MM

Marguerita MM

  • Marguerita MM - Sired by Tahleel Al Gamal and out of Laziza's Princess AP, this filly's pedigree includes some exceptional bloodlines. "Rita" is a big-bodied athletic, and sweet natured girl. She's got great movement and potential for a job under saddle. Her mother was reserve champion hunter pleasure class at the Egyptian Event in 2107. She traces to the Kuhayla Kroush strain.