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Al Khamsa Classifieds

If you wish to add your Al Khamsa classified advertisement to this page, please send the pertinent information using the Horses For Sale or Horses Wanted form.

Al Khamsa Inc. is not responsible for the horses presented for sale or for any sales agreement entered into as a result of advertising on this website.

"A foreign horse listed is one that would automatically qualify as Al Khamsa if it were in the USA"

Listings will be active for 12 months. If you wish your ad to run another 12 months, you will be responsible for for notifying us via email to



  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $6,000
  • Reg. Number: AHA 650817
  • AAS ASAD (AAS AL SAKB+/ X AAS HADIAH) 8 yo well under saddle. He completed first endurance ride with trainer, Dale Keen, October 2015. His successful endurance sire SAKB+/ produces loving, bonding horses...ASAD is no exception. With the same cardio-pulmonary capacity of the other Bedouin jazeery horses from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he will pass many other horses at the vet stops by his quick cardio recovery, as AAS horses do. 14 h 3 & 3/8"


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $5,000
  • Reg. Number: AHA 666171
  • AAS QAIDOOM 2014, (AAS HAIZOUM X AAS FAHD ALWALIDA+/) QAIDOOM is last son of HAIZOUM, now living in Kuwait, and FAHD, extraordinary 3000+ mile endurance mare, foundation mare, deceased. Endurance records can be checked at https://aerc.org/ Choose Records on the AERC Menu, then choose Horse History toward the left on that drop down menu. QAIDOOM is flashy but people loving and will be an extraordinary endurance stallion.


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $3,500 neg
  • Reg. Number: AHA 650795
  • AAS ZAIZOUM, 2010 (AAS SAKB+/ X AAS JALAMIYAH) Sa'ud jazeery Blue Star, quiet and calm under saddle with the ability to cover many miles of trail. His daddy has 3000+ AERC miles and produces people loving offspring. Just a hair under 15 H.


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $4,500
  • Reg. Number: AHA 645183
  • AAS ZENAD, "Trigger", 2009, (IBN TAAM-RUD+/ X RC ZAIRAFA) Yes, "Trigger" really is a palomino Bedouin desertbred horse. He is a little fidgety for saddling, but very nice under saddle. Deep heartgirth, big feet, solid legs and 3 circle conformation make him an excellent horse. His sire is another of our long time favorite endurance horses.

Du FaDL Gamara

  • Listed: 07/18/19
  • Price: 2000.00
  • Reg. Number: 640800
  • Du FaDL Gamara (Fadrian CMC X Red Dawn HF)

    Gamara is a 2008 15H dark chocolate chestnut mare. She is under saddle and a loyal sweet mare. She is sired by SBE stallion Fadrian CMC and her damRed DAwn HF; has Al Metrabbi ,Roga El beda, Ansata.

KJ Breeannah El Rakos  **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

KJ Breeannah El Rakos **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

  • KJ Breeannah El Rakos Owners retiring. Bree looks, moves and has the temperament of her sire, El Rakos---tail always straight up and knees and hocks moving. She represents the Ansata Sokar breeding well. She is an Abayyan strain to Magidaa.

KJ Jessicah Bint Celt **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

KJ Jessicah Bint Celt **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

  • KJ Jessicah Bint Celt Owners retiring. What a “hunk” of a mare. If she is not 15.3 hands she is close to it. She has the conformation, disposition, and incredible movement of her EAO bred great grandsire *Sayaf. Her discipline should definitely be endurance, very athletic. She is Abayyan strain to Magidaa.

KJ Kamar Bint Sahliha **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

KJ Kamar Bint Sahliha **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

  • KJ Kamar Bint Sahliha Owners retiring. A georgeous bay mare representing the ultimate in old Gleannloch breeding, especially Ibn Hafiza and Melouki. She is a super mover, with lots of action. She is an Abayyan strain mare to Magidaa. With her gentle temperament, she would make a great mount.

KJ Lady Liberty **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

  • Listed: 06/23/19
  • Price: $3,750 OBO
  • Reg. Number: 661215 KJ Lady LIberty
  • Rare opportunity to own Ibn Hafiza great-granddaughter, Zaghloul granddaughter, and Abayyan strain mare to Magidaa. She has an incredibly balanced conformation, straight legs, and long neck and shoulder. We are winding down our breeding program, and thus, reducing our herd. A lovely horse for an experienced handler.

KJ Rose of Ashlih  **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

KJ Rose of Ashlih **PRICE REDUCED 8/19/19**

  • KJ Rose of Ashlih Owner retiring. An exquisite dark liver chestnut mare with flaxen mane and chestnut tail. Her dam was a chestnut sabino with multiple crosses to Morafic, making the breeding to our 100% Gleannloch, non-Nazeer stallion, Ashlih, a perfect outcross. She is a tall, refined mare, with long legs and neck. She is an Abayyan strain mare to Shamaa, ½ sister to Magidaa

Marguerita MM

Marguerita MM

  • Marguerita MM - Sired by Tahleel Al Gamal and out of Laziza's Princess AP, this filly's pedigree includes some exceptional bloodlines. "Rita" is a big-bodied athletic, and sweet natured girl. She's got great movement and potential for a job under saddle. Her mother was reserve champion hunter pleasure class at the Egyptian Event in 2107. She traces to the Kuhayla Kroush strain.