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Al Khamsa Classifieds

If you wish to add your Al Khamsa classified advertisement to this page, please send the pertinent information using the Horses For Sale or Horses Wanted form.

Al Khamsa Inc. is not responsible for the horses presented for sale or for any sales agreement entered into as a result of advertising on this website.

"A foreign horse listed is one that would automatically qualify as Al Khamsa if it were in the USA"

Listings will be active for 12 months. If you wish your ad to run another 12 months, you will be responsible for for notifying us via email to info@alkhamsa.org


SpiritWind AshamMoon

SpiritWind AshamMoon

  • SpiritWind AhsahmMoon - 2020 Grey Stallion - aka "Booger" Sire: SpiritWind Ahsahm Dam: DA Moniets Dove Pritzlaff/Babson/Doyle + one line to *Lancers Sahm Old & New Egyptian blend Asil, Al Khamsa, Desert-bred of the highest % remaining of Abbas Pasha heritage, of the nearly extinct Fay-El-Dine sire line, and the rare dam line of Venus is included in this great pedigree. Beautiful mover. Bred for Endurance/Sport. (Arlene Magid write-up available upon request) Perfect temperament - bold, confident, calm, intelligent, willing, quick learner, likes people. Should mature 15-15.1h Available now.