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Items starting with A

AAS AL ALYASOOB JANAN Blue Star Endurance Prospect

AAS AL ALYASOOB JANAN Blue Star Endurance Prospect

  • Listed: 05/22/19
  • Price: $2500
  • Reg. Number: AHA 667513
  • AAS AL ALYASOOB JANAN is a gelding son of AAS HADEED+/ an AERC endurance stallion who has a resting heart rate of 24 bpm. He has passed that recovery capacity on to several progeny. Janan should be a great endurance prospect with good feet and legs. Coming 5 yo, we have too many boys, so price is somewhat negotiable.


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $6,000
  • Reg. Number: AHA 650817
  • AAS ASAD (AAS AL SAKB+/ X AAS HADIAH) 8 yo well under saddle. He completed first endurance ride with trainer, Dale Keen, October 2015. His successful endurance sire SAKB+/ produces loving, bonding horses...ASAD is no exception. With the same cardio-pulmonary capacity of the other Bedouin jazeery horses from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he will pass many other horses at the vet stops by his quick cardio recovery, as AAS horses do. 14 h 3 & 3/8"

AAS LAZIM SHADEET Blue Star Endurance Prospect

AAS LAZIM SHADEET Blue Star Endurance Prospect

  • AAS LAZIM SHADEET, Chestnut, 2010, (AAS HADEED+/ X AAS FAHD ALWALIDA+/) LAZIM's 2 high performing endurance parents have 5,000 + AERC mi;les between them. Sire has 24 bpm resting heart rate. Clownish personality, 15 hands+, well under saddle, priced at $3,500, neg, &/or terms.


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $5,000
  • Reg. Number: AHA 666171
  • AAS QAIDOOM 2014, (AAS HAIZOUM X AAS FAHD ALWALIDA+/) QAIDOOM is last son of HAIZOUM, now living in Kuwait, and FAHD, extraordinary 3000+ mile endurance mare, foundation mare, deceased. Endurance records can be checked at https://aerc.org/ Choose Records on the AERC Menu, then choose Horse History toward the left on that drop down menu. QAIDOOM is flashy but people loving and will be an extraordinary endurance stallion.


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $3,500 neg
  • Reg. Number: AHA 650795
  • AAS ZAIZOUM, 2010 (AAS SAKB+/ X AAS JALAMIYAH) Sa'ud jazeery Blue Star, quiet and calm under saddle with the ability to cover many miles of trail. His daddy has 3000+ AERC miles and produces people loving offspring. Just a hair under 15 H.


  • Listed: 05/25/19
  • Price: $4,500
  • Reg. Number: AHA 645183
  • AAS ZENAD, "Trigger", 2009, (IBN TAAM-RUD+/ X RC ZAIRAFA) Yes, "Trigger" really is a palomino Bedouin desertbred horse. He is a little fidgety for saddling, but very nice under saddle. Deep heartgirth, big feet, solid legs and 3 circle conformation make him an excellent horse. His sire is another of our long time favorite endurance horses.