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Horses Wanted

Al Khamsa Inc. is not responsible for the horses presented for sale or for any sales agreement entered into as a result of advertising on this website.

"A foreign horse listed is one that would automatically qualify as Al Khamsa if it were in the USA"

Listings will be active for 12 months. If you wish your ad to run another 12 months,  you will be responsible for notifying us via email to .  Please include the title of your ad.


Mare/Gelding with Hallany Mistany breeding

  • Creation Date: 05/21/19
  • Price Range: to $5,000 USCY
  • Seeking preferably mare, or gelding, w/Hallany Mistanny breeding in ancestry.

Experienced Gelding Davenport or Sahanad for Endurance/Trail

  • Creation Date: 05/16/19
  • Price Range: $5000.00
  • Looking for gelding for trail/endurance. Would love an experienced Davenport or Sahanad horse. (Forced to sell my Sahanad mare, Lailat al Qadr some time back, due to divorce.) Have the time now, and some money, and I want to ride again. Located in IL