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Items starting with K

Kuheilaan AlAdiyat Hashal

Kuheilaan AlAdiyat Hashal

Registration 683017 Roster Link Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal Stud Fee Private Treaty
  • AN OUTCROSS DREAM. Hashal is currently the only 100% Bahrani stallion in the United States, making him an outcross to any Arabian mare in the United States or Canada. In 2022 he was accepted into the Al Khamsa, Inc roster. "Hashal" was imported to the United States in 2020, from the Royal Stud of Bahrain as a gift from HM King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa at the suggestion of HH Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa. Hashal served as a racehorse for the Royal Stud of Bahrain, winning all of his races. While Hashal enjoys a beautiful conformation, his most enduring attribute is his impressive genetically bred temperament. Over time, the Royal Stud of Bahrain has bred exceptionally kind, gentle, and sound-minded character into their horses. Hashal's first foal crop was born in 2022, and all seven foals are reported to have inherited his wonderful disposition. His foal's appearance seems to favor the dam; conformationally, they have drawn from both the sire and dam. He stands 15.2 with a metallic coppery chestnut coat; has a straight and short back; straight, solid, and well-positioned legs; nice sloping shoulder; deep chest and well-sprung ribs; along with well-rounded hind quarters. He has big, round, kind eyes; and large, flaring nostrils. He enjoys the traditional desert appearance. Kuheilaan Al Adiyat Hashal was tested on 2/16/2021 and is free of SCID, LFS, CA and OAAM1. His semen was tested on 3/27/2021 and was shown to be excellent at 95% Motility, 40 Ml Raw Semen, cells collected- 30 B, cells per million -775 MM. Fresh cooled semen has proved to transport well. Hashal has got "hard to get in foal" mares and older mares pregnant from the cooled shipped semen. Semen Transportation Permit on file with AHA. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity. Call PJ (972) 802-4660

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